Alien Control : “Now I Am Become Death, The Destroyer Of The Worlds”, Hindu Scripture, Bhagavad Gita

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We checked the crucial information contained in this documentary, and we can confirm that it contains a small but significant amount of truth.


Authored by J. Robert Oppenheimer via TV Interview

Authored by John F. Kennedy via Office of U.S. Naval Intelligence

Authored by Former Secretary of U.S. Defense Donald Rumsfeld via Public Announcement


All of us know that there is something strange that runs this world from behind the scenes, but we keep forgetting it because we are too busy trying to survive or engaging in sinful behavior


In short, there is a secret space program run by the Pentagon that may explain trillions of dollars missing from some decade to the present day.

Those 2.3 Trillions became about 6.5 Trillions around 2015…imagine now…

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Consulting with the A.I. is always a touch of IQ pressuring and plot twist, ayyyy Lmaaooo


Crop circles is their way to communicate us that we are simulated entities.. unfortunately…billions think to be real and not just stupid sleeves…


Once again, there’s no denying that President Robert F. Kennedy addressed the lurid secret societies whose sole interests and tasks revolve around their own pockets and personal gain, and this was something no one could distrust

And this theory or fact that he was involved in high confidential reports from branches of Operation Paperclip should not surprise anyone.


It’s very interesting the part of the documentary where the leading orators tell about economies, like telling about the Chinese Ghost Metropolises,

and the Big Banks and Corporations led by just a bunch of “High” Class Houses of this planet.

Yes, the billionaire Houses of this planet and the elongated skulls…


or the lizards and serpents as logos of their group and/or companies…

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But the case brought to general attention, The House of Este, remains singular in all its dark “elongated” mystery….

sigismondo d'este, 1433 1507cardinal ippolito d’este, by bartolomeo veneto (1502 1531)charlotte of brunswick lüneburg duchess of modenamodène, françois marie iii dealberto v d'este cattedrale di ferrara università di ferraraeste7este6este5este4este3este1este0

Fottute lucertole….Ora so che il mio Avvocato è un Rettiliano per via dei quadri di questi Este esposti nel suo studio.


Lizards or not, there is hope in this documentary. A part of U.S. institutions wants the truth out and is fighting for it.


More Than 40000 Sealed Indictments Could Increase The Spiritual Awakening Of This Planet.

One of these thousand of thousand was for example that regarding the psychofuck cult described here.


We should always support and consider any option that aligns with the path traced by the Constitution.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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