Cultural Globalism, An Ordinary Day In The West : Knife Attacks To Toddlers, Titanic Red Fogs, Opioid Epidemic, Recession, And Zelensky…

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It’s like the Survival Mode permanent choice enabled, then good luck player two.

Authored by Cultural Globalism via Modern Western Politics and Policies

Once upon a time in the west…


One massacre after another, one shock after another, recession, and taxes for everyone, intimidation through prosecution for dissidents, cotton or red pepper in the mouths of dissidents, and imperial fascism as the prevailing mob mentality in society.

This is a summary of the European Union: The Rise of the Ultra-Right Skull Stooges.


Do not misunderstand. They opened the gates with the specific intention of bringing the skeletons of the Ultra-Right into the scene and letting them sink with as many others as possible in a tsunami of mud.

❗️🇨🇵🔞 A video of a migrant with a knife attacking small children in Annecy (France) has appeared.
Seven people, including six children, were injured in a knife attack in the French city of Annecy.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that the man who attacked the children with a knife has been detained.

Scattered time bombs all across Europe, meanwhile New York is painted red

And thousands of people die due to the opioid epidemic. Look at the cost of living in Western society yourself


And what about the war in Ukraine?






European Union economy enters recession like that should be a news

The future of Europe and the path ahead of it look so bright that we need to cover the hills and roads with as many beach umbrellas as we can…


Drink “corrected”water, until you have time try to get familiar with some crazy atoms


Elsewhere, I know you think about Australian Reich but not,

someone can be witness of another different luck with water, events and technologies


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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