AARO and A Burden of Proof: Examining The Pentagon’s Attempt to Maintain Control Over Anomalous Phenomena Through Whistleblowers

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The CIA and Cosa Nostra resemble each other as organizations.

Authored by Josh Boswell via Daily Mail.com

We know what to drink, and when drink it.

They want lead the narrative, we won’t permit it.

Daily Mail:

A former Marine claims he and five comrades saw a flying saucer being loaded with weapons while serving in Indonesia in 2009 – and was threatened at gunpoint by unmarked US forces at the scene.

The wild story comes after an Air Force whistleblower from the government’s UFO office joined growing numbers of intelligence officials claiming the US has recovered and is even reverse-engineering crashed or landed ‘non-human’ spacecraft.

Michael Herrera was a 20-year-old rifleman sent on a Navy humanitarian mission during the 2009 Sumatra earthquake and tsunami that devastated the region.


In an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com, he claims that while guarding an airdrop of aid supplies outside the city of Padang in October that year, his six-man unit stumbled across a hovering octagonal craft in apparent use by clandestine US forces.

After 14 years of silence, Herrera was emboldened by new UFO whistleblower protections and in April testified under oath to the government’s UFO investigation team, the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), as well as a Senate committee.

He provided his unblemished four-year service record, and texts about the incident with an alleged fellow witness – who refused to talk, saying it was ‘not worth my life or jeopardizing my family’.

Peripheral aspects of his account were verified by DailyMail.com using military sources. But Herrera, 33, does not have documentation or photos of the incident itself.

Therefore it’s bullshit.


And the former senior Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch, whistleblower prior to this one

had already mentioned the well-known story about the discs seized by the U.S. Air Force and Navy.

It’s all just a psyop.

The CIA gringos believe that by making it clear that Americans have a secret alliance with aliens for warfare and technology advancement, they can intimidate their enemies and maintain their superiority even in the face of setbacks like the situation in Ukraine. This is their usual nonsense. There are no UFOs equipped with human-made weapons. Aliens have the power to burn down a city in seconds, disable nuclear warheads, and shut down jet or drone fighters with ease. They don’t need a fuckin Beretta.


Alien Nation : The Battle of Caronia, We Assume to Know Why Our Brothers Attacked That Area, Now

The man, Herrera, runs a private security firm known as Valkyrie Eye. It’s clear that he’s spreading this propaganda because his CIA bosses have instructed him to do so.

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You see, when the Whistleblower law was introduced for former Cosa Nostra members, the wicked masterminds found a way to sneak their own agents among the traitors.

These infiltrators were then made to tell fabricated stories as a means to sow chaos, create misunderstandings, and delay judicial proceedings. It was a way for them to exact retribution on those who had tried to dismantle their organization. The CIA operates on a similar, but more sophisticated, level.

Another strange thing about watching this optical illusion at work is that Americans let people believe that aliens and flying saucers are exclusive to their country, as if they were the chosen people of the planet. But there is no such thing. This is just a false belief: there are more sightings in Chile and other South American countries combined that in the States.

William J. Burns be careful to the big bad wolf…he is looking for you


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