Fourth Reich Of Australia : Meet Benjamin Roberts-Smith, Most Decorated Pig And War Criminal Protected by Australian Minister of Defense

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That’s who are the gringos of Australia, lurid Nazis, who certainly do not deserve to live.

Authored by Ben Doherty via The Guardian


While serving in Afghanistan, he noticed a boy passing by, and although there was nothing on it that would threaten him and his colleagues, he went after him and shot him.

One day he came to the house of an ordinary shepherd, killed two of his relatives, and threw the shepherd himself onto the rocks. He survived and he finished him off. The shepherd was the only son of a sick mother, was born after the death of her husband. It was the last thing that kept her on the ground.

Once he saw an old man on a prosthesis, stunned after the shelling Killed him, and took the prosthesis as a souvenir. Subsequently, he and his friends drank beer from this prosthesis.


Bastard on the loose, despite evidence and public outcry. He feels great. Resting in Bali.


The Guardian:

Ben Roberts-Smith VC, Australia’s most decorated living soldier, murdered unarmed civilians while serving in the military in Afghanistan, a federal court judge has found.

Sitting in Sydney, Justice Anthony Besanko found that on the balance of probabilities, Roberts-Smith kicked a handcuffed prisoner off a cliff in Darwan in 2012 before ordering a subordinate Australian soldier to shoot the injured man dead.

And in 2009, Roberts-Smith ordered the killing of an elderly man found hiding in a tunnel in a bombed-out compound codenamed “Whiskey 108”, as well as murdering a disabled man with a prosthetic leg during the same mission, using a para machine gun.

The judgment, which came after a mammoth year-long defamation trial, is not a criminal finding of guilt, but a determination on the civil standard of the “balance of probabilities”.

Roberts-Smith is Australia’s most decorated living soldier and the recipient of the Victoria Cross for “most conspicuous gallantry” during the battle of Tizak in 2010.

He had enjoyed a stellar public reputation, lionised as the exemplar of Australia’s ultimately unsuccessful mission to bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan, held up as the modern embodiment of Australia’s Anzac legend. The most famous soldier of his generation, Roberts-Smith was also named Father of the Year and served as chair of the government’s Australia Day Council.

The most decorated …soldier…(read pig, n.o.E.) of Australia is really a lurid coward, a psychopath, a Nazi fundamentalist.

There you have explained this, back in time

Another Australian named Assange sits without a chance and is awaiting a term of 175 years in prison for publishing evidence of war crimes.


This is to how the smelly world works, now and then mimicking the “civilized world”.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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