Killnet, All Your Banks Belong To Us : No Money Means No Weapons, No Kiev Regime , No Problem

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Sniffing greatness or bullshit…?

within about 24 hours we shall know…

Authored by Killnet via Official Internet Announcement


“This is not a DDoS attack, the games are over. No money, no weapons, no Kiev regime — this is the formula for the death of Nazism and it will work.”

We don’t know yet, we just hope that they will succeed


“Within 48 hours we are launching this global company, nothing will save you and this is not a warning. I am just informing. You have never seen such problems before.”

I ‘ve my doubts…

but everything is possible in the time of the advent of the singularity…

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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