Alien Colony : Colonel Philip Corso’s Higher Rank and Testimony Surpass Former Intelligence Officer David Grusch’s Claims About UFOs

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CIA would lead the narrative after decades and decades of censorship, intimidation, lies, treason….

Authored by Vicky Verma via

Authored by Former Lieutenant Colonel Philip James Corso via Books, Interviews and Conferences

I’m particularly happy to share this information because it gives a confirmation to mine theory about the Alien Bio-Machines, to the Alien Global Surveillance, and to the time travel concept, which is not entirely mine however.


Philip J. Corso was a retired US Army Colonel who wrote a book called “The Day After Roswell”.
The book is about his involvement with the assignment and exploitation of technology recovered from the infamous Roswell UFO crash. The book has been criticized for lacking evidence to corroborate the narrative and for the author’s narcissistic tone. Corso claims to have played a role in every single major event during the Cold War, and he knew more about any given subject than any other person in the military or government, including the president. However, he was a high ranking official and would have had access to top-secret information. His description of how secret knowledge is encrypted in governments lines up with accounts given by others with access to classified documents. He didn’t seem to have a reason to lie, but he didn’t have a real reason to tell the truth either. David Charles Grusch is a “former senior intelligence officer” who made allegations about the US government’s involvement with UFOs.


USAF Agent Grusch’s allegations have been detailed by journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal and are really less incisive then those brought by US Army Lieutenant Colonel Philip J. Corso, higher in ranks of the first.


The information about the Roswell crash and so-called Extraterrestrial Biological Entities revealed by retired US Army Officer Philip James Corso was a breathtaking move in the history of UFOlogy. In his 21 years of serving, he claimed to have alleged involvement in the research of extraterrestrial technology recovered from the 1947 Roswell incident.

Born in 1915, Corso served in the US Army from 1942 to 1963, retiring from the rank of lieutenant colonel. According to him, the US policy was clear that UFOs and aliens do not exist. They were led to believe in it. But there were some great men who expressed themselves as believers. Some of them were Gen. Douglas McArthur, Gen. George Marshall, Werner Von Braun, President Ronald Reagan, Gen. Nathan Twining, Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, and many others.

Corso emphasized that the advancement in the technology that the world achieved in the past decades could not be possible without the helo of other worlds. Scientists such as Dr. Herman Oberth, Stanton T. Friedman, Robert Sarbaeher, W.E. Smith, Dr. Werner Von Braun, etc., are disregarded or ridiculed when they say, “we cannot take the credit for our record advancements in certain scientific fields alone. We have been helped by people of other worlds.”


He highlighted the intervention of aliens in human history by referring to Sumerians who stated that the EBEs were the most advanced in the studies and manipulations of DNAs, who were adroit in cloning. “We believed that the beings of the Roswell crash were clones. The Sumerians called them IGIGIs. They were used to ferry the ‘Gods’ to earth and continuously stayed in subspace and circled the globe-earth,” Corso explained.

During his military career, Corso was granted nine clearances above “Top Secret.” These included cryptographic, satellites, code and intercept special operational clearances, and the “Eyes Only” category of special White House (NSC) matters. This allowed him to have an eye on matters within the government which included UFO information.

He was the Chief of the Foreign Technology Division in the US army R&D. He received the piece of information that a sample recovered from the Western US desert was believed to be from a UFO. The material had immense strength but at the same time was as light as feather. It was perfect for space travel and no space debris could harm it.

On visiting the crash site, Corso was convinced that it was the UFO. His faith in UFOs came from his work in R&D, where the radars once locked an object flying over 3000 miles an hour.



Alien Colony : The Government Secrecy On Extraterrestrial Hosts Existence Must Be Seen As Treason

Upon examination of the items recovered from the crashed craft, a harness-type system was discovered. Corso argued that many technical discoveries that appeared in the following decades, such as Kevlar body armor, optical fiber, transistors, night vision devices, and the integrated circuit chip were a direct result of what scientists studied and found inside the alien spacecraft. He also claimed that his job had been to transfer the alien technology to American companies.

The craft inside was illuminated by a yellow-greenish light. The light appeared to emit from solid metal, possibly a variation of the atom alignment within the structural members of the craft. This was discovered early from small pieces. When a light was applied at one end, the whole piece would light up and glow. This was thought to be a variation of the fiber optic tubes. It is not known if the source of the yellow-greenish light or glow was ever found.

In 1957, while in command of the Army’s Missile Firing Range at Red Canyon, New Mexico, part of the White Sands Proving Grounds, Coros came up against a most perplexing problem. There had been much speculation that UFOs engage in time travel. He later discussed this with German scientists and they were of the opinion that this was the fact – the UFOs’ terrific acceleration and flashy disappearance and appearance is caused by exit and entry into a time dimension.


An interesting version that Corso advanced was that the two UFOs were entering our time zone at the same instant, they collided. One went on to crash at Roswell, the other was damaged and debris fell into our time zone. It accelerated at terrific speed, exceeding its own limits, and fell, just west of Red Canyon, in the White Sands area, but it had gained 10 years and crashed in 1957.


In 1997, Corso and writer William J. Birnes published a book that revealed many secrets and mysteries that took place during the events of Roswell in 1947. The book “The Day After Roswell” immediately became a sensation among UFO researchers and conspiracy theorists.

In the book, there are so many strong revelations about aliens that even ufologists considered it partly fictional or much exaggerated. At the same time, Corso suddenly died of an unexpected heart attack just a few months after the publication of his book. Conspiracy theorists believed that he was simply silenced by higher authorities because he had revealed many things.

According to him, Grey aliens, also referred to as Zeta Reticulans, were not really aliens, but bio machines specially created to work on other planets. He wrote that as far as he knew, no one had encountered real aliens, and all eyewitnesses or abductees had seen only big-headed and black-eyed “bio machines.”

To prove his claim, Corso described what he had seen during the autopsy. He wrote that those aliens were without any digestive system, and their bodies were linked to the spacecraft as if they were controlled through ships.

He wrote further that those extraterrestrial biological objects, as indicated in the autopsy reports, were humanoid robots specially designed to travel long distances in space and time.

The most logical explanation. I swear I did not know that Corso revealed this, but again, it’s the most obvious explanation.


Alien Planet : A Scientist’s Remarkable Account of An Interview With A Roswell Alien Survivor Who Disclosed Crucial Data About Our Nature

No common biological forms as we know them on Earth could resist to those accelerations. These beings do not have blood, they are simply designed to accomplish the tasks assigned to them by their creators: the real aliens.


Bio-Machine Wars : How Bees Are Trained To Detect Explosives, A Tale of Alien Tech, And Human Manipulation

It’s clear that the masses worldwide are addicted to media, as evidenced by the stories of Orson Welles and Grusch.
The fake pandemic has already cost them dearly, and now they’ll pay another high price for the alien deception narrative.
After 80 years, humanity should know that the “aliens” are bio-machines. Instead of wondering about the real aliens who fabricated them and their nature, we have Grusch, who is lower in rank than Philip Corso and didn’t reveal anything new. However, Grusch is more important than Corso only because he received worldwide media coverage. As long as humankind continues to prioritize sensationalism over truth, they’ll never be ready to accept the nature of their own reality and figure out the truth behind the “aliens.”

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Solar Warden is a secret space fleet that has been in operation since approximately 1980, unknown to the public.

The program is said to be run by the United States Space Force and is responsible for monitoring and protecting the solar system from threats. The program is also said to be involved in the exploration of space and the development of advanced technologies.

Former CIA Director Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter is said to have confirmed the existence of Solar Warden in a statement in 1960.
Hillelnkoetter, also known as Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, was the third Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), serving from 1947 to 1950.
He is known for his involvement in the investigations of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and for his alleged role in covering up evidence of extraterrestrial life.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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