Divine Justice Call : Jasmine Hartin Detained At The Border After She Tried To Flee Belize With Emergency Documents And No Passport

Last updated on August 21st, 2023 at 09:56 am

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From what exactly she is trying to escape?

Authored by James Reynolds via Daily Mail

Only a fine…

but it won’t be enough for us, Servants of God

Daily Mail:

Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin has been detained at a border post after trying to leave Belize following her sentencing for killing a police officer.

Hartin, 34, had avoided prison time but was ordered to pay $37,000 after she shot and killed father-of-five Henry Jemmott, 42, in 2021.

She has said she had been drinking with Jemmott and was being taught how to use his gun when it went off by accident, killing him.

Her lawyer said on Saturday she had paid the fine and wished to ‘express her sincere regret and remorse to the Jemmott family for the loss of their beloved Henry’.

But after sending the money to her lawyer, a court official refused to return her passport, a spokesperson for Hartin said. She was issued an emergency travel document and tried to cross from Santa Elena into Mexico yesterday at 12:30pm.

Louisa Chiaramonte, Hartin’s spokesperson, said the mother-of-two was taken to a room by a border agent to be questioned, accused of falsifying the travel document.

Local media suggested Belize’s police commissioner, Chester Williams, had intervened to stop her from ‘absconding’ the country, according to The Times.

Running away without waiting for her passport proves that she is afraid, and she has good reason to be afraid, considering that she killed a father of young children in cold blood and already shirked her responsibilities in court. Now she wants to leave Belize for good, but this won’t happen unless there is not a higher power at work on this matter.


I was visited by Henry Jemmott tonight, his spirit manifested to me. This means that he has given me his approval for anything I write about that vile and cruel bitch. The facts themselves provide justification for my words.


Judging that demon by the look on his face…she is not doing very well, her times of lust, fun and light-heartedness are over…

God will never allow her to leave this earth without paying the highest “bill” at in her name,

wrathofgodhart1 wrathofgodhart2 wrathofgodhart4

an account which, however, cannot be paid even with all the gold in the world..


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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