Religion Wars : Sweden’s Cultural Globalist Image Tarnished As Controversy Arises Over Authorizing Quran Burning By Stunt Traitor

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That Iraqi scum must be cooked as a pizza…there will be no mercy allowed.

Authored by By Marie Mannes and Louise Rasmussen via Reuters

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June 2023


STOCKHOLM, June 28 (Reuters) – A man tore up and burned a Koran outside Stockholm’s central mosque on Wednesday, an event that risks angering Turkey as Sweden bids to join NATO, after Swedish police granted permission for the protest to take place.

Police later charged the man with agitation against an ethnic or national group.

A series of demonstrations in Sweden against Islam and for Kurdish rights have offended Ankara, whose backing Sweden needs to gain entry to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Is that Iraqi a traitor or a servant of the Almighty? The person who is saying this is attempting to reveal the insanity of political correctness in Europe and Sweden. However, it is our belief that a true Muslim could never demean the Holy Book by playing down an insult or a major blasphemy against it, regardless of an adverse decision.


February 2023


Swedish police on Wednesday refused to grant permission to a planned rally that would have included the burning of a Quran — a rare move by the Swedish authorities.

The effective ban follows a similar stunt in January which saw a far-right politician burning the Muslim holy book close to the Turkish embassy in Stockholm last month — the same place Thursday’s protest had been planned for.

But Sweden’s security service, Sapo, said that the January rally had increased the risk of attacks against Sweden, citing this in its reason for refusing to greenlight another such protest.

“The burning of the Koran outside Turkey embassy in January 2023 can be determined to have increased threats against both the Swedish society at large, but also against Sweden, Swedish interests abroad and Swedes abroad,” the police decision said.

“Sweden has become a higher priority target for attacks.”

June 2023

s 2023.06.29

Al Arabiya:

The burning of Islam’s holy book outside Turkey’s embassy in Stockholm in January sparked anger in the Muslim world, leading to weeks of protests, calls for a boycott of Swedish goods and further stalled Sweden’s NATO membership bid.

Following that incident, police refused to authorise two other requests, one by a private individual and one by an organization, to hold Quran burnings outside the Turkish and Iraqi embassies in Stockholm in February.

Police argued the January protest had made Sweden “a higher priority target for attacks.”

Following appeals from both protest organizers, the Stockholm Administrative Court overturned the decisions, saying the cited security concerns were not enough to limit the right to demonstrate.

But Stockholm police in turn appealed the rulings to the appeals court, which on Monday sided with the lower administrative court.

In both rulings — on the two separate applications — the appeals court said “the order and security problems” referenced by the police did not have “a sufficiently clear connection to the planned event or its immediate vicinity.”

It added that the ruling could be appealed to Sweden’s Supreme Administrative Court.

Swedish police had authorized the January protest organised by Rasmus Paludan, a Swedish-Danish activist who has already been convicted for racist abuse.

Paludan also provoked rioting in Sweden last year when he went on a tour of the country and publicly burned copies of Islam’s holy book.

The January Quran burning also damaged Sweden’s relations with Turkey, which took particular offense that police had authorized the demonstration.

Ankara has blocked Sweden’s NATO bid because of what it perceives as Stockholm’s failure to crack down on Kurdish groups it views as “terrorists.”

“It is clear that those who caused such a disgrace in front of our country’s embassy can no longer expect any benevolence from us regarding their application for NATO membership,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in January.

Swedish politicians have criticised the Quran burning, but have also adamantly defended the right to freedom of expression.

Swede people are fucked, literally.

According to the search results, Sweden has historically had a high suicide rate, with the most suicides in the developed world during the 1960s. However, I do not have information on Sweden’s current ranking in terms of suicide rates

. Would you like me to look that up for you?

yes please

I apologize for the mistake in my previous response. According to the World Population Review, as of 2021, Sweden ranked 30th in the world for suicide rates, with a rate of 14.1 suicides per 100,000 people. It’s worth noting that suicide rates can be influenced by many factors, including mental health resources, cultural attitudes towards mental health and suicide, and economic and social conditions.

2022 suicide rate in Sweden

I am sorry for the mistake in my previous response. According to search results, the most recent available information on suicide rates in Sweden is from 2021. As of 2021, the suicide rate in Sweden was 14.7 per 100,000 inhabitants, which is a 1.34% decrease from the previous year (2020).
2019 suicide rate in sweden

According to the second search result, the suicide rate for Sweden in 2019 was 14.70 suicides per 100,000 people, which was a 1.34% decline from the previous year (2018).
2017 suicide rate in Sweden

According to the search results, the suicide rate in Sweden in 2017 was 15.00 per 100,000 people, which was a 2.74% increase from the previous year (2016).

It’s not just their people who are weird. Their landscape is dark, monotonous, with the same three types of trees everywhere. So what reason do they have to live? They have always been confused. But they have rejuvenated their dying nation by allowing the arrival of other cultures, and they have done so with joy, and now they are allowing to burn holy books?

No way.

No holy book must be burned.

I don’t see Muslims burning the Bible, they have respect and honor, they show more respect to the Bible than many, and many Christians.


Sweden must become an Islamic country, so Sweden will show respect, and will bear more dignity and ethic in a new identity, and in a spiritual way.

They are looking for themselves, and they will have another look, another brand new identity.



Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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