Connections Between Pizzagate and The Dutroux Case : Meet Anneke Lucas and Her Horrific ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Account

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Everything is connected.

Authored by Anneke Lucas via Legal Actions and Internet Interviews

Anneke Lucas is a survivor of child sex trafficking who was born in Belgium, her biological father’s name is Frederic Devreese, a famous composer. She was sold by her mother as a child sex slave to a pedophile network and was raped daily by older men, many of them prominent Belgian politician. She was rescued from the ring and subsequently journeyed to New York and Los Angeles where she completed the MFA Screenwriting Program at the American Film Institute in 1992. Most of her adult life was spent healing through various modalities, and in 2014 she founded the non-profit organization Liberation.

It is rumored that some famous people have sacrificed their children to maintain their wealth and position. You can research how many famous people have had at least one son or daughter die in strange or suspicious circumstances.

Anneke Lucas’ story has some similarities with the Dutroux case, which involved a notorious paedophile network in Belgium.

Both involve child sex trafficking and abuse by powerful and influential people: Prominent Belgian and foreign politicians, Military, Aristocrats, Government officials, financiers.

Isn’t the same pattern that aligns also in the Epstein case? jewelryeyeswuideshut

All of these stories share a common pattern…

The Pattern : Prominent Politicians, Military, Aristocrats, Government Officials, Financiers trafficking, grooming and killing children.

A very high level of cover up, such as the Epstein case.

epstein cell 1200x700
The cage where convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was killed in order to save the Elite


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