Alien Nation and Deep State : While An Alien Presence Is Confirmed Among Us, None of This Has Led To Chaos and Destabilization

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Aliens do exist, it’s confirmed but no power structure on Earth is collapsing because of this rather for other cause.

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Some post ago, we reported this, on the end of the piece:

If the existence of UFOs were to be officially confirmed, a chain reaction could begin that would cause the current power structure of the Earth to collapse. Therefore, a secret international understanding – a conspiracy – has been forged by world powers to keep the public in the dark and confused about contacts or visits to the other side of the Earth.

UFO Stories Used as a Diversion to Shift Public Opinion From Ukrainian Conflict

Actually, the current power structure on the occidental world is collapsing without need to confirm officially the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence on the planet Earth.

This is the Kali Yuga Epoch. Many people believe that within three years from now, things will change, and humanity will become aware of its purpose in the cosmos, leading to happiness for all. Therefore, it is thought that Kali Yuga will come to an end in three years. However, great hope could also become the greatest disillusionment.

UFO Stories Used as a Diversion to Shift Public Opinion From Ukrainian War

The End of Kali Yuga and the Revelation of Alien Life: An Illusory Connection

There is a growing belief among alternative thinkers that the end of Kali Yuga is coinciding with the revelation of alien life on earth. According to this theory, many governments have been hiding the truth of extraterrestrial life from the public, fearing that it would lead to widespread chaos and the loss of their power. However, with the new common belief that within three years humanity will be aware of aliens and change the course of destiny, some believe that the beginning of a new era of consciousness is imminent. However, despite these claims, there is no empirical evidence to substantiate the connection between the end of Kali Yuga and the revelation of alien life.

UFO Stories Used as a Diversion to Shift Public Opinion From Ukrainian War

Firstly, the concept of Kali Yuga is rooted in ancient Hindu scriptures and does not involve any reference to extraterrestrial life. It refers to a period of spiritual decline and moral decay and its end is not defined by any specific event. Therefore, it seems illogical to connect the end of Kali Yuga to the revelation of aliens.

Furthermore, while many governments have been accused of hiding information about extraterrestrial life, there is little concrete evidence to support these claims. The idea that the revelation of alien life would lead to chaos and the loss of power is a speculative notion that is not rooted in reality. Many people across the world are interested in the possibility of extraterrestrial life and are open to the idea that we are not alone in the universe.

The idea that the revelation of alien life will change the course of human destiny and usher in a new era of consciousness is also unsupported by empirical and actual evidence. While the discovery of alien life may have significant implications for our understanding of the universe, it is unlikely to lead to an immediate and profound transformation of human consciousness in the whole world, even if a singularity would materialize itself tomorrow morning.

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While many people are interested in the possibility of alien life, it is not a subject that has an immediate impact on their day-to-day lives. The existence of aliens does not necessarily challenge established power structures or institutions, and therefore, it is unlikely to lead to a significant shift in power dynamics, Aliens are not here to play in some format TV or in some Hollywood movies.
Governments and other institutions have been preparing for the possibility of extraterrestrial life for decades through Media reports and shows, even if they have or not publicly acknowledged it. This means that they already have plans in place for how to deal with the implications of such a discovery, including how to manage the dissemination of information and how to maintain order in society: it is the perfect time to disclose information that has never been released to the public simply because the public does not care, as they are busy with surviving.

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UFO Stories Used as a Diversion to Shift Public Opinion From Ukrainian War

The revelation of extraterrestrial life does not necessarily conflict with established religious or ideological beliefs. While some individuals or groups may struggle to reconcile their beliefs with the idea of alien life, many are able to see it as a natural consequence of scientific inquiry and the exploration of the universe. However, it is worth noting that some Muslim fundamentalists may not convert their creed according to the alien revelation, and instead, may try to convert the aliens. This has some potentially serious implications.

Additionally, some high-level official whistleblowers have claimed that there are aliens among us who are indistinguishable from humans, leading to theories and reports on alien hybrids. It would not be surprising if we were to discover that many elites are actually composed of a mix of humans and alien hybrids. As such, it may be worth considering whether or not to embrace this new era and new order, or remain unprotected in the chaos

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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