Meet The Archons: The Malevolent Gods Who Use This Planet As A Giant Westworld Park

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They utilize various forms to accomplish their task, employing us as hosts and overwhelming our consciousness, similar to overwriting a file with another.

Authored by Claudia Guasco via Il Mattino

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Connecting to their hosts and hijacking their minds, just as the Simulation can’t rule out another true simulation inside it operated by entities not so different from the “humans” playing the guests in the Westworld Series, mentioned truly many times in this C.B. As we shall see, they do use our species as hosts, and they identify with us because the decisions we took are really the decisions that they took.


A man, Aldo Bianchini, tore out both of his eyes this morning in Viareggio, in the church of Sant’Andrea. Having become a mask of blood, he was rescued by the faithful. Bianchini is hospitalized in the Versilia hospital. ‘A voice told me to take my eyes out”, the man told the doctors in the emergency room. In the hospital he was able to provide general information. He is 46 years old and was born in England but has always lived in Viareggio.

Surgeons from the eye department are operating on him. According to what has been known, the doctors have almost no possibility of reimplanting the eyeballs recovered in the church and taken to the hospital by the carabinieri who rescued Bianchini. Therefore it is almost certain that the perpetrator of the act will remain blind. However, his condition is not serious. He hasn’t lost much blood but is in a strong state of shock.

Bianchini would suffer from mental problems. “He was sitting with the other faithful on the left side of the church, when he suddenly stood up and gouged out his eyes,” the priest testified.

“In 26 years of profession I have never seen anything like it. To do such a thing requires inhuman strength”: Dr. Gino Barbacci, doctor in the emergency room of the Versilia hospital who provided Bianchini with first aid. “He arrived conscious, together with his elderly mother who was also on board the ambulance. He didn’t complain and he didn’t seem to feel pain despite the fact that it was a mask of blood. We asked him for his name and he gave us his general information” . Then the question about what he had done and why: “A voice told me to do it”, then silence.

Aldo Bianchini has a degree in chemistry and speaks five languages. “But he never found work”, explains the elderly mother, 77, at the Versilia hospital where the man is hospitalized in intensive care: the doctors are concerned not only with the wounds he inflicted by gouging out his eyes, but with the violent blows to the head that Bianchini received in his run, now blind, to leave the church, ending up on the ground. However, if his conditions allow it, his hospital destination seems to be the psychiatry department.

The man and his mother are originally from Scotland and have some relatives in the province of Lucca. “He’s a good boy-says the woman-maybe a little sad every now and then”. She is a widow and both have been living together for about twenty years in Viareggio, where the financial resources to live come from the family businesses left behind in Scotland.
“When I saw that he was a mask of blood he told me something like ‘ it is God’s punishment”, says Bianchini’s mother. Catholics, but they didn’t go to church often.

“This morning he told me that he wanted to go, first to mass in the church of San Paolino, our parish, then in the church of S. Andrea”. The woman, in a state of shock, was accompanied to the hospital not by ambulance, as learned at first, but by a couple of faithful who she had beside her in church. They were the ones who assisted her and then accompanied her to her home where she was able to cleanse herself of her son’s blood. “Before they took him to the operating room to stitch the wounds – she said – I was able to see him and give him a kiss. ‘Hi mom’, she told me.

Someone believes that the Archons could well be the Reptilians. Who knows… The universe is vast and more open than our limited minds, like a gruyère operating system, can comprehend…


Ancona Today:

I hit her. It was the voice that told me I had to do it.” So confessed Luca Giustini, the 34-year-old father who killed his 18-month-old daughter with 5 stab wounds to the chest, while she was sleeping in the cradle. An atrocious crime that cannot be explained rationally . Yet for him, a caring dad and a football enthusiast, there was a reason to kill his little daughter: the rumors ordered him to do so. Those that, in his mind, had recently manifested themselves and that, only in the last few days, had become an obsession. A jackhammer that wouldn’t stop rumbling and that, last Sunday, triggered something in the fragile mind of the train driver. Yesterday, during the interrogation, Giustini explained that it was those rumors that led him to kill his daughter. However Giustini did not explain why he was fierce on his daughter.

NOTES. The same voices that he had begun to transcribe in a large notebook, found by the agents of the forensic police last Monday inside his car. On those pieces of paper Giustini “captured” every word that echoed in his head. Ten pages with practically unreadable sentences written on them. The only intelligible words are: “God’s plan to be implemented”, “daughter”, “voices”, Lord”. In short, Giustini was convinced that he was moved by the divine. By now he was no longer that loving father that all the residents of Collemarino used to see at the Parco degli Ulivi, always smiling, always ready to exchange a few words, always available for the family and for her, his wife, a 34-year-old nurse from Ancona.

That man is no more. Giustini, many friends confirm, had changed lately. He had become more thoughtful, more gloomy and shy towards others. In a tough fight against his innermost ghosts of him, he tried to give an explanation to what was happening to him </ strong>. To the point of approaching the world of the paranormal and thinking that someone from the afterlife could try to communicate with him. A psychological condition that, according to some specialists, had its roots long ago.

The Archons hinder the human species from achieving a heightened level of awareness, knowledge, and progress in the vast expanse of the cosmos. They keep humanity in a state of disarray and chaos, manipulating us like master puppeteers, hovering in low orbit and emerging from the depths of the Earth to enact their calculated moves with both brutality and cunning.


Il Mattino:

After killing her he tried to put as much road as possible between himself and the bush in the park of the Abbey where he threw Chiara. He lied, he deceived. He said he accidentally deleted the chats he exchanged with her friend and that she had an appointment with a person she met on social media on Sunday morning. Then, when he realized that the wall of lies he had built was crumbling, piece by piece, he confessed: “I left the house with the knife to kill her,” admitted A., a sixteen-year-old accused of the premeditated murder of Chiara Gualzetti, who would have turned 16 in a few weeks.

What he tells afterwards, sitting for hours in front of the head of the juvenile prosecutor Silvia Marzocchi, is a sort of stream of consciousness in which the investigators are trying to distinguish the lie from the truth. It is true that he hit Chiara in the chest and throat with a kitchen knife, with which he presented himself for the appointment. More than confused, the investigators explain, he is currently the motive.

«I feel the devil inside me which leads me to have angry impulses. I acted moved by a superior push, an inner voice that told me to kill. A demonic presence that forced me to carry out increasingly violent acts towards people » is his first ranting explanation. How much truth there is is what the prosecutors intend to verify: “Of course he has a particular personality, we will do a psychiatric report to ascertain how much of these statements of him are constructed”. After summoning the demons, A.’s deposition changes direction and focuses on Chiara: «she said she wanted to die».</ Strong>

From the chats discovered by the girl’s father and reported to the investigators, some with threatening tones by his friend, a message from her emerges above all: “Do you kill me or should I do it?”. There are several sentences like this, the investigators speak of a “sort of adolescent depression, it is not known whether it was real or a way to attract attention”. The relationship between the two was unbalanced, she had a crush on A. and he rejected her. The sixteen-year-old put it on the record and his friends confirmed it. Chiara suffered from it, the boy was intolerant. The last meeting three days ago takes on a different light, it seems like a normal appointment but it has all the air of the last clarification.

“He came to get her and they went up to the house together. Chiara said: Ten minutes and I’ll be back. She walked away with her murderer and this demonstrates the trust she placed in people: she trusted those she shouldn’t have », reflects her uncle. A security camera films them as they walk together along the road, two hundred meters and a slight climb separate the yellow-plastered house of the Gualzetti family from the hill of burnt wheat below the Monteveglio Abbey. It is here that, in the second round of searches, they found Chiara’s body. No signs of a struggle, the first findings say, he didn’t even have time to defend himself from A’s stab wounds. He says: «I did it all by myself. I left the house with the intention of killing her.’ He slaughters her and walks away, taking the knife with him.

If you were to conduct a search about people around the world who have reported hearing voices and subsequently committed heinous crimes, you would likely come across similar or even identical stories from various regions across the globe.


Echo of Bergamo:

Rome, 18 Jun. (TMNews) –

Kills girlfriend’s grandmother because he “hears voices”

Guided by the “voices”, on June 7 he killed his girlfriend’s grandmother, trying to dissolve her in acid: Thursday, 23-year-old entrepreneur was stopped by the police. It was his birthday, and he showed up at the entrance to the 75-year-old’s apartment with a package. He had no great difficulty in getting his girlfriend’s grandmother to open the door. The images of the video surveillance system that the 75-year-old had installed in the house gave a face to the perpetrator of the murder. the name of S.S., 23 years old, were instead the investigators of the Flying Squad of the Rome Police Headquarters, who over the following hours reconstructed the circumstantial framework against him until closing the circle of investigations with his identification.

The way Archons operate their manipulation on our species is strikingly similar to how aliens are said to operate in abduction cases. Both involve scanning, implanting, altering consciousness, and deceiving the hosts with false information. The aim is to make the abducted individuals believe and perceive that they are being taken care of, both as humans and for the well-being of the planet. However, the truth behind these manipulations is quite different.

Could be the Archons instead the real aliens among us? There are some similarities in terms of manipulation, deception, and the illusion of free will of humankind, as well as the idea of humans being used as hosts by these beings. The concept of Archons originates from Gnosticism and has a theological and metaphysical context but nothing can forbid us to interpretate what is written in the old manuscripts in a different way, not all that is invisible can’t interact with the physical world, so at same conditions the Archons can be more real than metaphysical items. Aliens own same peculiarities.

Manipulation and Deception:

Archons are believed to manipulate and deceive humans, hindering their spiritual progress and keeping them trapped in the material world.
There are various theories and accounts suggesting that certain aliens may manipulate and deceive humans for unknown purposes, often involving abduction experiences, mind control, or the spreading of false information.

Illusion of Free Will:

Gnostic beliefs propose that Archons impose their will on humanity, creating an illusion of free will while subtly influencing human thoughts, actions, and beliefs.
Some theories speculate that certain alien beings may have the ability to manipulate human choices and actions, thus creating an illusion of free will.

Humans as Hosts:

In Gnostic cosmology, Archons are not typically portrayed as physically inhabiting human bodies but rather as influencing human consciousness and behavior.
The concept of aliens using humans as hosts is often explored in science fiction and conspiracy theories, suggesting that some extraterrestrial beings may possess or control human bodies for their own purposes, but also influencing their minds at different levels.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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