Donetsk, The Story Of Ilona, The Last Angel : Маленькая Илона среди Ангелов напоминает нам, за что мы боремся

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Это напоминает вам, за что мы боремся, умом, пером, голосом и, наконец, оружием. Не для одного человека, одного командира, одного лидера, но для Ангелов, чтобы быть их инструментом в приведении справедливости и мира среди людей. Вот почему мы боремся, за Илону и всех других Ангелов, которые наблюдают и благословляют нас с небес.

That little Angel in the photo reminds you of what we are fighting for, with the mind, the pen, the voice, and finally with the weapons. Not for one person, one commander, one leader, but to avenge the Angels, to be their tool in bringing justice and peace among people. That is why we are fighting, for Ilona and all other Angels who are watching and blessing us from heaven.

🥀 This six-year-old girl was buried yesterday in Donetsk.

Her name was Ilona. Her own mother abandoned her in the hospital. The girl had a developmental delay, but Vasily and Valentina immediately took her away. They took me to their big family.
Ilona was quiet.
Quiet because she didn’t speak. 🔻

In October of this year, she was due to go for treatment organized by Dr. Lisa’s Fair Help.

That day they came home together. They brought food into the house.
Ilona, ​​as always in silence, went into the yard to the sandbox that her father had built for her. 🔻

Shells flew in, the mother rushed to the window.
I saw that one fell 10 meters from the sandbox.

The mother screamed.
The father ran outside. He raised his daughter.
The fragments pierced her head and stomach.
He grabbed her and took her to the hospital.
Before she died, she looked into his eyes and said her first word in her life – “Dad”.
Your first and last word. Ilona was quiet.
Now they have to live with it somehow…. ©