Argentina : Two Soldiers Wounded After Shooting On U.A.P. , Many Explosions In The Military Base Heard By Several Civilian Witnesses

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I would be funny but I’m: this story is a new Argentinian sort of Falkland wars…

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It had to be something of epic…



The number of shots and explosions that neighbors heard last Tuesday at the Comandante Espora Base, which for the moment was denied by military authorities, could have a beginning of explanation or hypothesis that seems incredible.

At this time, the UFO Study Commission in Argentina claims to have received information that that night four Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) flew over the base and that they were seen by military personnel, who responded and confronted the attackers, shots with the ships.

“We received information that the four UFOs reached Espora from the sea, that one landed on a place where ammunition is stored, another on a fort and the other two, a little further away, perched on the Bahia sky as if guarding the entire the action,” he confirmed to La Nueva. Andrea Pérez Simondini, head of the organization that investigates ufology in our country.

“They also told us that the objects were black, triangular in shape and that one, which was resting on the fort, fired with a type of laser that injured two or three soldiers. In fact, we are asking for information from hospitals and the Institute of Work of the Armed Forces to find out if people were admitted with any type of wound or burns,” he added.

Although the first information is not entirely clear, the organization has already formally requested access to radars at different airports to see what flights there were over our city that night and in this way be able to move forward with the investigation.

CEFORA personnel will arrive in the city at this time to speak with the neighbors who filmed and reported on social media the shooting inside the base and other witnesses to the event.

Base sources consulted by La Nueva. Last Tuesday, they denied any incident and said that the videos and audios of neighbors that circulated that night were an edition to create false news. They also alluded that “the noises and images did not correspond to the place” and that “no type of drill was being carried out either.”

“It’s an edition, I don’t know with what intentions – it was officially stated -. The people at the airport and the Airport Security representatives did not see anything, and at the base everyone is sleeping, except for whoever is piloting the helicopter.”

Shortly before 9 p.m. on September 5, audios and videos began to go viral on WhatsApp and the consulted authorities had no official information about what was happening. In the video to which this newspaper had access, several people can be heard scared by these explosions.

What the f… is that?”, a young woman is heard asking at the register.

“Something exploded, girls. “Couldn’t they be the base’s magazines?” asks a second woman.

“Everything shook,” says a male voice.

At all times, while the talk lasted and the camera was pointed towards the darkness trying to focus on an illuminated sector in the distance, machine guns, explosions and shots of different calibers could be heard.

At one point, there is even talk of “an explosion” and that something “caught fire.” “They are throwing explosives,” they exclaim, scared.


Also in Peru something isn’t going quite right…

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