Liz Crokin’s Account of Pizzagate and What An Alleged Witness Told Of Prince Andrew Windsor’s Recent Visit to Ukraine

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Files relating to the Duke of York won’t be released by the Foreign Office until 2065, it has been revealed.

The decision means papers relating to Prince Andrew will not be available for public scrutiny in his lifetime, unless he lives to be 105.
The date was released in a government response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request from Andrew Lownie, a royal biographer.

Mr Lownie, who has made a number of requests seeking clarification on Prince Andrew’s numerous business trips, which were usually paid for by the taxpayer, believes a “culture of secrecy” surrounds royal correspondence.

“Members of the Royal family are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act but I would hope with a new reign that only pertinent FOI exemptions such as national security, relations with another country, information given in confidence etc will be applied alongside data protection considerations,” Mr Lownie told The Telegraph.
‘Extraordinary’ that files are closed

“We are in the absurd position that Prince Harry can reveal the most intimate details of royal life from months ago for personal commercial gain and Royal households currently brief against each other, yet historians cannot look at files.

“It is extraordinary that files relating to Prince Andrew, the subject of my next biography, will be closed until 2065.
“Many questions remain about his role as trade envoy, a public appointment paid for by the taxpayer, and his associations with figures such as Jeffrey Epstein.

“There is also a strong public interest in knowing, for example, who is paying for his security now he is no longer a working royal.”
Mr Lownie describes himself as a monarchist but says “that does not mean I do not believe the Royal family should not be subject to scrutiny”.

“We need a much more grown up approach to the release of royal records with the onus on keeping closed only what has to be kept secret to protect national security or on data protection grounds.
“The delays in release create a vacuum for speculation and fantasists; their release would go some way to restoring trust in institutions, not least the monarchy.”

And we need to wait until 2065 to know if the Duke of York has been recently in Ukraine?



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