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“A mentat requires data.”
“Oh.” She looked down at the flat expanse of the Shield Wall, tortured rock, pits and crevices.
He saw the direction of her gaze, said: “A very exposed place, that down there.”
“But an easy place to hide,” she said. She looked at him. “It reminds me of a human mind…with all its concealments.”
“Ahhh,” he said.

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Musk denies on Twitter or X the translation of an important tweet about war updates in Ukraine, making it much worse to keep areas without Starlink coverage.


Vremevsky site
Situation as of 18.00 September 17, 2023
At the moment, after unsuccessful attempts to attack and gain a foothold in positions in the area of ??the villages of Novomayorskoye and Novodonetskoye, units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have switched to defense and positional warfare in order to carry out ??

Repeated strike by the Russian Armed Forces in the area of the tank repair plant in Kharkov
At night, around 01.00 local time, Russian troops launched a second strike with four missiles on the outskirts of the Kharkov Armored Plant (KhBTZ). The targets of the attack were two workshops located ??

Another Ukrainian Armed Forces raid on Crimea
At night, Ukrainian formations again launched six drones in the direction of the Crimean peninsula. The takeoff of the drones was recorded by units of the PMC “Bears” at around 21.00 from the north of Zaporozhye/southern Dnepropetrovsk regions

Special Forces Archangel:
Situation in Zaporozhye direction at 21:30
During the day, the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle was shot down, during these days the enemy carried out a rotation in the early morning and was discovered and destroyed, while the enemy was promptly identified in the forest regiments and the artillery inflicted fire damage.

Strike by the Russian Armed Forces on a tank repair plant in Kharkov
In the morning, Russian troops launched a missile attack on targets in the Kholodnogorsk district of Kharkov. One of the targets was the Kharkov Armored Plant (KhBTZ) on Bolshaya Panasovskaya Street.

Small rocket hovercraft “Samum” in the bay of Sevastopol this morning. Yesterday it was attacked by enemy surface UAVs.
Previously, the Ukrainian media “sank” this ship on social networks, but no damage was noticed on the Samum.

Archangel of Special Forces:
Destruction of the enemy’s DrG in the Bakhmut direction by our crew of the Kornet ATGM

Battles in the Orekhovsky direction: Paratroopers destroy a group of militants trying to occupy a forest belt
Soldiers of the army special forces “Osman” and artillerymen of the 58th Army allowed the Ukrainian Armed Forces to approach false positions and covered them with anti-aircraft guns and artillery.

General Surovikin and other representatives of the Ministry of Defense in Algeria.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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