Gaza Conflict and War Crimes : Israel Launches Several White Phosphorus Bombs On Gaza and Lebanon, Burning People Alive

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🇸🇩🇮🇱 Israel is accused of using phosphorus munitions. Why are they dangerous? Analysis of military chronicles

Authored by Alisa Vasilisa via Twitter

Obviously IDF can’t tell publicly that they are burning their enemies alive.

This type of ammunition is considered an inhumane weapon and is banned in the vast majority of countries.

What’s happening?

Palestine and Lebanon accused the Israeli army of using these ammunition on October 10, three days after the Hamas attack on Israeli territory. The exact location and time of use of these munitions are not known, however, videos appear on the Internet with burning pieces of incendiary mixture and white smoke characteristic of these munitions.

What kind of weapon is this?

This white phosphorus is an incendiary substance that causes large fires in the area of ​​application.

Phosphorus ammunition comes in several types. White phosphorus is used to equip the warheads of missiles, mines and artillery shells. The operating principle is simple:

Ammunition with such a substance is triggered at a certain altitude, after which phosphorus enters into a chemical reaction with oxygen and begins to burn at a temperature of 1.2-1.3 thousand C°. The substance can instantly burn through clothing and cause severe burns, quickly destroying vehicles (melts thin metal) and other property, provokes the detonation of flammable and explosive materials. The combustion of white phosphorus is accompanied by the release of extremely toxic smoke. Fire extinguishers are useless against such ammunition – the substance burns out in the vast majority of cases itself and does not react to any fire-fighting reagents.

Why are these weapons considered inhumane?

In 2018 and 2019, Western coalition aircraft carried out attacks with phosphorus munitions on the cities of Hajin and Al-Baghuz in the province of Deir ez-Zor on the border with Iraq.

We already saw this inhumanity in Falluja…


This ammo is used mainly to destroy area targets – due to the high combustion temperature, white phosphorus causes fires over a large area and in some cases forces ground troops to abandon positions and retreat. Exposure to white phosphorus can cause tissue charring on the human body and burn parts of the body to the bones, leaving deep, non-healing wounds.

The thick and poisonous white smoke that is released during combustion acts as a nerve gas and a poisonous substance at the same time: in addition to burning the mouth and respiratory tract A chemical burn to the lungs may occur. The use of such ammunition is similar to the use of illumination charges: phosphorus-containing ammunition disintegrates into small fragments in the air and burns brightly both in flight and after descending to the surface.

The intensity of shelling and exchange of attacks on the Lebanese-Israeli border is increasing
The video allegedly shows the Israeli army using ammunition containing the banned toxic white phosphorus in Gaza and southern Lebanon.

Also for clarity:
1) Lighting shells. Their purpose is to highlight enemy positions as much as possible, they are distributed over a large area and descend to the ground relatively slowly.
2) phosphorus shells. After detonation, white phosphorus flies out from one point, after which it moves to target at high speed.

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