Reptilian Overlords : What They Want? How They Abduct Us? What They Do To Us? How Can We Defend From Them?

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Hell… when Tom wrote this some years ago we never thought to descend into a war with real fukin lizards….


Authored by Karla Turner via Conference Speeches and Books

There is a secret war out there, and alien abductions are a real phenomenon.

But it turns out that some kidnappings are carried out by specialized teams of government agents


The Pascagoula Encounter:

Betty Andreasson Case:

There are an infinite number of other cases and stories, but what has always interested us is finding the common points of all these stories, having data, analyzing them, comparing them, and finding the patterns to understand the design of these damn beasts.

Karla Turner


And of all the reports, the most detailed, coherent, and original, excluding that of the author of V-Visitors, is the one provided by Mrs. Karla Turner. In Italian, there are YouTube videos of her speeches at conferences and interviews here, an excellent job.

Karla Turner analyzed hundreds of data collected from testimonies of abductees. She claimed that first-stage regression hypnosis would reveal memories “implanted” specifically by aliens to consolidate a narrative that a large majority of people in the world, even due to the culture of their origins or presumed ones, know as benevolent, as something sacred and divine. Abductees, therefore, tell of how these beings are concerned for them, how they study their bodies for scientific reasons, and, according to abductees, the aliens would warn humanity of catastrophic events due to their violent and predatory nature.
But none of this is true.
A second stage of regression hypnosis brought to the surface what Mrs. Turner believes are the true memories of abductees: deception, rape, physical violence, invasive check-ups of their bodies, implants of unknown technology in the brainstem capable of conditioning thoughts and therefore actions.


Individuals who think they have brainstem implants can use Mindguard to shield their subconscious

But what would be even more shocking, and our team had already come to this conclusion on our own, is that all the abductees who return are actually clones. Turner does not explicitly say this, but that the aliens threaten the abducted humans by showing them their clones in tanks. It is more likely, however, that those in the tanks are actually the originals. Furthermore, the cloning process, or something in it, will surely interfere with the neuronal recording of that event, as when you have a car accident and lose the memory of the last 20 or 30 minutes.


According to the true accounts of abductees, there are immense farms where humans of all ages are vivisected, subjected to cruel invasive practices on their bodies, including many children.

Alien greys, and similar beings alike Greys, are nothing more than biomachines created by these reptoids to fulfill their purposes of surveillance and abduction.

Lastly, but not least important, Turner, following a logical-deductive thread to the true memories of abductees, highlights how these Reptilians, or damn lizards, live in large underground environments, enormous spaces, gigantic bases managed in cooperation with humans and hybrids. These hybrids, according to Turner’s and abductees’ accounts, also have a human appearance, differing only in their vertical pupils.

We emphasize that if they already have hybrids of this type, they could be one step away from the ethnic replacement of the entire planet within two generations.

The Dragon’s Lair of Vietnam

During the Vietnam War, a B52, surely on Operation Linebacker II orders of flight, fell under mysterious circumstances on the border between Laos and Vietnam. A team of Green Berets was sent to recover what could be recovered and destroy the wreckage of the plane. What the Green Berets found inside the plane was inexplicable. The bodies of the crew had been crushed, even though the plane, except for the fuselage and the entire onboard instrumentation, was intact despite the impact on the ground. However, we do not have these photos available, but the reassuring name of Hynek was made as one of the witnesses who could see those bodies with his own eyes.

The most interesting story from those jungles is undoubtedly the one about the battle against lizard-like humanoids in front of a mysterious tunnel.

As Mrs. Turner tells it, these reptilians live underground, and we add that they prefer swamps, very rural places near water sources or lakes, where they spend their time on the surface when ‘free’ looking for habitat.

Vietnam seems to be full of gigantic amphibious reptiles and strange apparitions, most likely created to scare humans, much like the lightning storms and fire set up in the forbidden zone against the gorillas of the Planet of the Apes.

Vietnam is also full of gigantic quarries and caves, some of which have never been fully explored…

These dirty beasts can feed abundantly on their favorite foods underground, such as mice, rats, and cockroaches.
The cities of humans with their immense sewer systems are their dietary sustenance.
The appearances of UFOs in these areas are thus easily explainable.

According to Turner, these lizards study how to imprison our conscience, how to “exfiltrate” our soul, but not before having abused it, using our “story behind” to deceive us, force us into impure acts, impiety, dragging us into precipices of fear and horror.

Alien Mutilations and Killings

The Sophisticate and Bizarre Mutilations of humans and animals must be read using this same key.

The case of Jonathan Lovette is a controversial one, and there is no independent verification of the story.
According to the account carried on the History Channel, Lovette was an American Air Force sergeant who was allegedly abducted by a saucer-like aircraft, after which his cleanly mutilated body was found in the New Mexico desert.
The autopsy performed on Lovette was baffling, raising more questions than answers, his body was discovered heavily mangled.

Brazil, 1988, a creepy mutilated body of a middle-aged man was found on the banks of an artificial lake in Brazil.

Mrs. Turner explains to us that alien abductions are trans-generational. If what they are looking for is in the genome and its modifications, it is easy to understand why.

Furthermore, but this is not said by Turner, or at least we do not know if she did, it is our firm belief that the appearance of the disc, and the consequent abduction, was certainly planned well in advance.

These beings have invisibility technology, in addition to those on mind control. Before they activate an extraction, they will certainly be near their target on the ground.

Those abducted while in a car were passing through isolated areas at night, ideal for acting undisturbed without witnesses, but it always appears clear that someone in these cases calls the “aviation” with an enviable timing from any human secret service in the world.


Method of Abduction and Method of Self Defence

How these damn lizards evolved to handle amazing technologies is beyond me… but we know how they know that everything they do is done by imitation.

For example, the flight of their discs imitates that of mosquitoes.

Wales, some week ago…


However we know that the incident, or rather the incidents, of Roswell, and similar ones, occurred because the disks are heavily disturbed by radar waves of a certain range.

radiowavesa general view of the large former monitoring base of the u.s. intelligence organization national security agency (nsa) during break of dawn in bad aibling

These snake-like creatures fear blue obsidian as well as awake people.


It is therefore clear why the abductees come from middle or lower social classes, that is, individuals devoid of any mnemonic, cultural, and practical ability, and therefore easily manipulable, and usable like any rag.

However, Mrs. Turner warns that this phenomenon is changing today. Fewer humans seem inclined to fall for the tricks of the unfaithful lizards, and this seems to make them so angry that they “swarm” the fleet outside in the skies, and on the ground,  in search of humans willing to believe “in the miracle or in biblical anthropomorphic appearances” that is, to be deceived like the idiots who see the Savior or the Madonna on damp spots on walls or tree trunks.

Remember...when the moon gets stronger, and is full, negative alien influences are powerful in order to force human emotions pushing them to the chaos, the hatred and the violence.

Keeping our race divided means for these slimy snakes to satisfy their bloodthirst.


[]=Cristian De Vries contributed to this article.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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