Gaza Genocide : Bibi’s Son, Yair, Is Enjoying Beach and Sun At Miami In Florida Instead of Serving In The First Line, Risking Being Slaughtered

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There is a time for heroes and a time for cowards in a single bloodline.

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According to The Independent, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, has been criticized for staying in Miami instead of returning to Israel to fight against Hamas.

Yair Netanyahu is eligible for reserve duty in the Israeli armed forces but has remained in the United States.
– Yair Netanyahu moved to Florida earlier this year and has been staying in Miami despite the outbreak of war back home in Israel.
– Around 300,000 reservists were called up days after the Hamas attacks.
Israeli soldiers have criticized Yair Netanyahu for staying in Miami while thousands of reserve soldiers have been called up.
– Yair Netanyahu has been doing “non-profit charity work” in Miami since April after being sued for defamation following his statements on Instagram.
– Yair Netanyahu was heavily criticized by the people of Israel, especially by members of the country’s reserve soldiers, for allowing his 32-year-old son to stay in Miami, despite the ongoing conflict with Hamas and other Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip.
The absence of the younger Netanyahu was affecting morale among fellow soldiers.
– Yair Netanyahu has made scandalous statements and engaged in propaganda efforts over the years, often denying the existence of the Palestinian people and advocating for the seizure of their lands.
– Yair Netanyahu is a podcaster by profession and a staunch defender of his father.
– In 2018, Yair Netanyahu’s Facebook account was blocked for 24 hours after he posted that there will be no peace in Israel till “all Muslims leave”.

Israeli reservists have criticised Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair for remaining in Miami rather than joining the fight against Hamas.

The 32-year-old is living in Florida, where he moved earlier this year after he was sued for defamation in Israel over social media posts against a political activist.

Around 360,000 reservists have been called up in Israel following the bloody 7 October attack on Israel launched by Hamas fighters from Gaza.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has received fierce criticism in Israel over the shocking surprise attack, which left more than 1,400 civilians and soldiers dead and hundreds more taken hostage.

Now reservists called up for the war have criticised his son for not returning home to fight in the expected upcoming ground assault on the Palestinian enclave.

Yair is enjoying his life at Miami Beach while I’m on the front lines,” one reservist on Israel’s northern front told London’s The Times newspaper.

“It’s us who are leaving our work, our families, our kids, to protect our families back home and the country, not the people who are responsible for this situation.

“Our brothers, our fathers, sons, are all going to the front line, but Yair is still not here. It does not help build trust in the leadership of the country.”

Israel’s armed forces are made up of a large number of reservists who have completed national service and can be called upon until the age of 40.

While most are based in Israel, some have flown from countries around the world to report for duty.

I’ve flown back from the States where I have a job, a life, my family,” another reservist told the newspaper.

“There is no way I can stay there and abandon my country, my people, at this critical time. Where is the prime minister’s son? Why isn’t he in Israel?

“It is the most uniting moment for us as Israelis in our recent history and every single one of us should be here right now, including the prime minister’s son.

On 17 October Yair Netanyahu helped sort donated supplies to IDF soldiers and Israeli families impacted by the Israel-Hamas war, with NGO Yedidim USA in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Lol…cowardice exchanged for some pound of food….

Yair Netanyahu was sued by political activist Dana Cassidy in 2020 after he alleged in an online post that she was in a relationship with politician Benny Gantz, who was running against his father for prime minister.

A court ordered him to pay Ms Cassidy $34,000 in compensation and $6,000 in legal costs.

Father Coward…son coward

s 2023.10.30

It is clear that Bibi and Mossad knew everything about October 7th and preferred to let it go, that is, to have their citizens killed in order to find a steel excuse to put an end to the existence of Palestinians in Gaza, in the entire Gaza, and beyond. For a decade, since Shakelet, it was known that this specific ethnic-political faction of the Netanyahu, the most extremist, aimed at the extermination of Arabs in the area in order to establish a broad and defined territorial hegemony.

If Hamas guerrillas are terrorists, why destroy hospitals and kill unarmed civilians?

The Netanyahu government is committing relentless war crimes,

the world must stop it.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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