Satanic Underworld : The Eyes of God Have Fallen Upon The Mother of Darkness and On Who Lies Beneath It and Behind It

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People will now have one more reason to think about what is really behind Brussels and the “European Community”, and the entire world…

Authored by Ronald Bernard via Video Interviews

What lies beneath the Mother of Darkness?

After years of conducting this research, I feel today like a Graham Hancock, because the following description will fully reflect the events of Pizzagate, and the previous ones scattered throughout the West, which can all be summarized in a single description, a dark ring of power that we now know has the center of its heart of darkness in Belgium, and has had it from the poverty of the centuries to our damned present days.

The Château des Amerois, also known as the “Mother of Darkness Castle,” is a 19th-century neo-Gothic style castle located in the Ardennes forest, south-east of Bouillon, Wallonia, Belgium.

This 19th-century neo-Gothic style castle that has gained notoriety in conspiracy theory circles due to its publicity by Fritz Springmeier, who claims that the castle was used extensively by Satanists and pedophiles for child sex orgies that in Belgium were referred to as “The Pink Ballet.


– The castle being a secret lair for the world’s top elites to engage in Satanic ritual abuse using abducted children.
– The Solvay family, who were once the proud owners of the Chateau des Amerois, being surrounded by rumors of their involvement in secret societies[3]. Stories emerged of extravagant parties filled with influential figures, where hidden agendas thrived beneath the veneer of opulence.
– Whispers of esoteric rituals and forbidden knowledge drew the attention of conspiracy theorists, painting the Solvays as puppet masters behind the scenes.
– In the 1990s, Anne-Marie Lizin’s book, “The Primal Scream,” ignited a firestorm of controversy. Lizin delved deep into the secrets of the Chateau des Amerois, claiming it was a hub for satanic cults and unspeakable acts. She exposed alleged connections between influential individuals and dark forces, painting a horrifying picture of manipulation, mind control, and child sacrifice.
– A group of investigators sought to uncover the truth about the castle. They delved into historical records, pored over testimonies, and ventured into the labyrinthine depths of the castle. Their findings revealed hidden chambers, symbols etched into the walls, and a network of tunnels that suggested a hidden purpose for the Chateau des Amerois.

Every speech by the most important leaders of the West contains coded words. Encoded phrases, metaphors, and realities. We therefore believe that we have found a very symbolic and “crucial” place of the World Satanic Elite.

“Amerois”, name of unknown origins, speculation: “Bitter King” referred to Satan, or “King of America” referred to President of United States. George Bush visited indeed this chateau….

This place evokes in modern generations Mentmore Towers, or to “decode,” the castle shown in Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick, who, as we wrote, with his latest masterpiece wanted to -warn-

Humanity of the darkness that is enveloping it, and has been on for centuries.
The resemblance to Mentmore Towers is really impressive


The world you know is just an illusion…thousand points of light.


Look in his eyes and you will see the Evil, when he said “thousand of points of lights


….Organizations that spread like stars throughout the Nations…..


Ronald Bernard videos could unveil my Irin Choshekh origins but we never choose to fight wearing a mask, that’s why the CIA Black Ops call us “The Mask”, we are their exception, the anomaly, we should not be here writing this, warning this world but we are. We are because God chosen these hosts to lead His Army of Light.

These are demoniac forces, legions of viscid reptiles walking as humans, and bringing the Mother of Darkness with them…the end of the hope, the end of our Lord.


We never ended to trust in God as we never ended to trust in humanity, that’s why in this valley of darkness we are not afraid.

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Even Westworld now appears to me as a whole work of sophisticated bad taste, don’t you think so, Bernard?


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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