Dark Side Of The Power : The Fire Should Remind You Of God’s Presence On Earth, Otherwise, You May Die Without Knowing Why

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Although this is just one example of Harkonnen plans within plans, it becomes clear over the course of the novel they are not alone in their complicated treachery and political maneuverings

Authored by Frank Herbert via Dune Book Series


Pearland, Texas

Brooklyn, New York

dune 2021 baron

Los Angeles, California

Shepherd, Texas

Manchac, Louisiana

Reading, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Atlanta, Georgia


Blackrock, New York

🇺🇲 About 10 thousand people were evacuated in Middletown, Idaho, USA after a gas pipeline explosion and subsequent fire.

Brussels, 2023

German police union: “It would take more than 80 years to deport around 50,000 people who are compulsorily deportable to their home countries, in the same time millions more would have arrived here.”

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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