Why Google Delisted This Board ? …Because Nowadays The Piano Does Murder The Player If It Doesn’t Like The Music

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Adoro leggere Montesquieu…

Authored by Charles Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu Via Essays

The general IQ of people in the world has decreased exponentially, and boomers represent only the tip of a gigantic iceberg that floats in the bowels of our consciences.

montesquieu weather

Living in a cold or warm climate can have an impact on people’s physical and psychological characteristics. People who live in colder climates tend to have genetic and evolutionary adaptations that help them stay warm and less susceptible to the effects of cold weather, such as frostbite. They also tend to have shorter, broader bodies that promote heat conservation and additional brown fat that produces heat. On the other hand, people who live in warmer climates tend to have taller, narrower bodies that are better for evaporative cooling via sweating. They also tend to have healthier skin due to the absence of harsh sun rays.

In terms of personality, people who grew up in colder climates tend to be less agreeable, less emotionally stable, and more closed off than those who grew up in warmer climates. They also tend to be more task-oriented and prefer city breaks over beach vacations. In contrast, people who grew up in warmer climates tend to be more outgoing, friendlier, and more willing to explore new things. They also tend to be more relationship-oriented and prefer beach vacations over city breaks.

Both are humans.


That’s why no one has the right to block a road.

The protesters treat innocent people badly, and with this behavior, they have killed and can kill people.

They claim to protest in peace but harming the people blocked in the road traffic in unpredictable ways.
Therefore they are acting as hostile against a crowd of innocent workers, old people, children, people with health problems.
The answer to that is an equal force to put an end to the first, albeit composed as a boomer force.


There are many ways to express one’s opposition to politics without harming innocent people, and one of these ways is refusing to vote.

Who blocks a road without a real reason behind this act must be wiped out from the road itself and brought back to a reformatory school for a period not inferior to 5 years.

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No, even cockroaches don’t survive to nuclear blasts, don’t use your illusions.


Since we have been banned from Google for some unknown crime, we feel like priests of small villages on the hills, remote places, we perform the mass for a few souls, but we still feel happy to do it. In fact, we have discovered the great gift that Google has given us by hiding us from the eyes of a cruel world that certainly our board born in 2020 has not contributed to creating.


Perhaps the first to examine their conscience are precisely those of Google since they, and only they, have populated and administered the world long before our arrival, and with the results that are under the eyes and feet of everyone.

Or am I wrong?

The piano does not kill the pianist if it does not like the music played, but unfortunately in our society, the Piano has killed the Pianist, Google has killed us alternative writers.

We are ghosts, but in the end, we always have been. A virtue, being able to observe the lives of others without interfering, but only wishing to interfere, a gift, being in many different places, examining many different data, playing different scores, telling new stories.

This is what we do.

An imprint for future generations that will never come to light, and not because of a stupid climate change…


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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