Alien Boredom : What Are They ? And What Are They Doing ? This Planet Does Not Belong To Humans, Deal With It

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Let’s delve into these concepts, incorporating elements of quantum physics and current scientific understanding of extraterrestrial life where possible.

Authored by Jules Verne via Journey to the Center of the Earth


I personally think that the Nordics are our true ancestors, that they use the so-called Grays, biological robot units, to operate in our system.


The Grays have underground bases near the center of the Earth, and for all we know, the entire Earth could be artificial. In the depths of the Earth, there are seas, oceans, and no man officially knows what the Earth’s core is really made of. An artificial planet would explain plate tectonics, cataclysms that reset our civilizations, and many other phenomena that are poorly explained despite our current scientific level.

Why do our ancestors keep us in the dark about all this? Perhaps they use us as a gigantic planetary Westworld for purposes that can only be speculated and hypothesized about.


1. Temporal Distortions: The idea that UFOs could be manifestations of our own future is reminiscent of the concept of time dilation in Einstein’s theory of relativity. This theory suggests that time can be experienced differently depending on one’s speed or proximity to a gravitational field. However, the notion of “future humans” intervening in historical events introduces a paradox, as it challenges the linear progression of time as we understand it. Another approach to resolving these paradoxes is the concept of parallel timelines or multiple histories. This theory suggests that when you travel back in time, you don’t alter your original timeline but instead create a new, parallel one. In this new timeline, you can interact with your past self without affecting your original timeline. These beings alter their timelines not ours.


2. Soul Harvesters: This concept, while metaphysical in nature, could be likened to the idea of energy transfer in quantum physics. However, instead of emotions, quantum physics deals with the transfer of energy in the form of particles like photons. The Emotion Force Theory proposed by Patrick Levy-Rosenthal suggests that emotions can be seen as a force field among consciousnesses, likening it to how gravity pulls asteroids to planets. This theory posits that emotions have the power to bind or repulse us from things we like or hate, acting as a unique and powerful force in the universe, reserved only for conscious life forms. On a biochemical level, emotions are electrochemical signals that carry emotional messages throughout the body, affecting the chemistry of every cell. Neurotransmitters, which carry an electrical charge, play a crucial role in this process. They affect the way cells interact and function, thereby influencing our emotional states. Aliens could exploit our emotion forces just like the hosts did with the residents in Westworld, therefore Earth could just be their Lunar Park, considering the moon is artificial also this world could be. I remember Dr.Shirley Wright telling that the Alien Biobot asked her: “How much did you dig inside planet?”, meaning they hide the core of their headquarters around the center of the earth.


3. Cosmic Prison Wardens: This idea could be related to the Fermi Paradox, which questions why we haven’t encountered extraterrestrial life if it’s statistically likely to exist. One possible solution is the “zoo hypothesis,” suggesting that advanced civilizations are aware of us but intentionally avoid a mass contact rather “confiding in our common sense of reality” to hide their of reality.


4. Reality’s Glitches: This concept aligns with the multiverse theory in quantum physics, which proposes the existence of multiple, parallel universes. UFOs could be seen as evidence of these alternate realities intersecting with our own. Considering all is mathematics, these beings could try to solve highly complex equations by changing and altering parameters here and there to find some answers about the Creation.

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5. Posthumous Observers: This idea is more philosophical than scientific, but it could be related to the concept of information conservation in quantum physics, where information cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. Holographic universe works like this.


6. Cosmic Warning System: This concept could be likened to the idea of technosignatures in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). Technosignatures are signs of technology used by alien civilizations, which could potentially include probes like the ones described here. They should be in charge to do whatever they do, resetting this world via cataclysm, operating genetics on animals, plants and humans according to their purposes that obviously differ from ours.

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7. Existential Outsiders: This idea suggests entities that exist outside our known laws of physics and time. Quantum physics does allow for phenomena that defy our everyday understanding of reality, such as quantum entanglement, where particles can be instantaneously connected regardless of distance. They could be anywhere in the universe, using all of its lifeforms and apparently leaving them illusion of a free will and implanted a code for survival.

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8. Ancestors: They could be what we are, we are just one of their colony, and they study our evolution by also altering it within certain principles.


9. Echoes of Lost Civilizations: This idea could be related to the concept of astroarchaeology, a hypothetical future branch of astronomy that would study physical artifacts of past civilizations in space.


10. Galactic Bio-Laboratory: This concept could be related to the idea of a “cosmic quarantine,” another potential solution to the Fermi Paradox.


11. Dimensional Bleed: This idea aligns with the concept of higher dimensions in string theory, where our observable universe is just a 3-dimensional slice of a higher-dimensional reality. These beings from higher dimensions, such as 4D Aliens, could observe and manipulate us while remaining beyond our ability to affect them directly.


12. Architects of Life: This concept could be related to the idea of panspermia, which suggests that life on Earth could have been seeded or genetic engineered by what we consider as extraterrestrial entities but they could be the first sentient beings to have visited this planet millions of years ago.

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13. Harbingers of Cosmic Endings: This idea could be related to the study of cosmic cataclysms in astrophysics, such as gamma-ray bursts or supernovae.


14. Memory Wipers: This concept, while more science fiction than science, could be related to the idea of quantum superposition, where a system can exist in multiple states until observed.


15. Emotion Mimics: This idea is more psychological than physical, but it could be related to the concept of quantum entanglement, where the state of one particle is connected to the state of another, no matter the distance.

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16. Guardians of the Simulation: This concept aligns with the simulation hypothesis, which proposes that our reality is a computer simulation. In this context, UFOs could be seen as “system administrators” ensuring the simulation runs smoothly.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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