Pentagon Top Senior Official, Stephen Francis Hovanic, Arrested And Charged With Drug and Human Trafficking Sting In Georgia

Last updated on February 9th, 2024 at 05:57 pm

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It’s absolutely shocking how no news media from Establishment is reporting this fact. Outstanding, really.

Authored by WSBTV Staff via Yahoo News


A senior Pentagon official, Stephen Francis Hovanic, was arrested in a human trafficking sting in Georgia. Hovanic, a senior official in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Americas division, was arrested on suspicion of pandering charges.

The sting operation led to the arrest of 26 people, including individuals charged with prostitution, pandering, and pimping. Additionally, three suspects are under investigation for human trafficking and drug charges.


The investigation found six women who were victims of human trafficking, and they have been taken to a safe house for assistance. This incident has raised concerns and is being closely monitored by the relevant authorities.


Last week, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office along with the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office organized a two-day human trafficking operation.

During the two days, six victims of human trafficking were rescued and moved to safety.

On Thursday, three suspects were arrested for prostitution, seven were arrested for pandering and there were two victims rescued. Other charges included possession of Schedule II drugs, possession of THC, and possession of F/A during certain crimes.

On Friday night, there were four victims rescued. Deputies arrested three suspects for pandering and four suspects for pimping. Other charges included possession of a Schedule IV drug and an outstanding warrant.

In total, 26 people were arrested, including 12 for prostitution, 10 for pandering and four for pimping. Three suspects are currently under investigation for human trafficking and drug charges, according to Haralson County officials.

The following include the arrests and list of charges:

Miguel Garcia- Pandering
Davian Harding- Pandering
Deontavius Pittman-Pandering, possession of ecstasy
Octavian Brown- Pandering, possession w/intent to distribute
Jose Gonzalez- Avarca – Pandering

Stephen Hovanic -Pandering

Michael Matherne -Pandering
Donald McGaha -Pandering
Victor O. Alvarez Martinez – Pimping; to be indicted on Human Trafficking
Juan Puente Pimping; to be indicted on Human Trafficking
Prince Antoine – Pimping
Phillip Floyd– Pandering
Sergio J DeArmas Alfaras– Pimping; investigating further
Christopher Allen- Pandering

s 2023.11.23hovanic

Stephen Francis Hovanic, a 64-year-old senior Pentagon official, was arrested in Coweta County, Georgia, for suspicion of pandering, which involves inducing or compelling an individual to take part in prostitution and drug traffic.


Hovanic is a senior official in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Americas division, which oversees the elementary education of military families. Prior to his role as chief of staff for DoDEA Americas, Hovanic served as an Instructional Systems Specialist at the DDESS Area Service Center in Peachtree City and was responsible for various educational areas. Indeed Hovanic began his career in education in 1982 as a high school vocational teacher, coach, and school administrator in the Virginia public schools.

Hovanic was sent on leave amidst his arrest, and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is aware of the alleged incident involving him.

The specific operative tasks and missions of Stephen Francis Hovanic within the Pentagon or DoDEA are not explicitly mentioned in the available sources. Therefore, based on the information provided, there are no details regarding his known operative tasks and missions except his educative role and strict contact with children.

We are talking about a top Pentagon official, a senior one who must know about affairs and shady dealings in secrecy, given what has been discovered about him. The newspapers and television are ignoring this very serious episode, which once again corroborates our narrative on *************, the involvement of military personnel, child abductions, human trafficking, mind control, and the laundering of dirty money to fund American imperial or satanic operations under cover around the world.

************* is real…


You…continue to laugh at us and ignore us.

You are in the good path.

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