Defiant Act of Holy Vandalism : Christian Military Veteran Destroys Satanic Temple’s Display at Iowa State Capitol, God is Victorious.

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You cannot manipulate a marionette with only six strings.

Authored by Adam Sabes via New York Post


The Satanic Temple has erected a holiday display featuring a Baphomet statue at the Iowa State Capitol, which has sparked controversy and drawn criticism from some individuals. The display has been destroyed, and a former congressional candidate from Mississippi has been charged with allegedly vandalizing the statue.


The Satanic Temple, however, emphasizes that its members do not actually worship the devil, nor do they believe in Satan’s existence or the supernatural.

Instead, Satan is used as a symbol of free will, humanism, and anti-authoritarianism, but we argue that as a crystalline lie.

The display has ignited a debate over the breadth of the US Constitution’s First Amendment, which provides Americans their core freedoms of speech and religion. Iowa’s governor has called the display “absolutely objectionable” but suggested that it should be allowed to stand in a free society. The situation has prompted strong reactions from various groups and individuals, reflecting the ongoing debate over the limits of free speech and religious expression in public spaces.

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New York Post:

The Satanic Temple’s display inside the Iowa State Capitol was destroyed on Thursday, according to police.

A spokesperson for the Iowa State Police told Fox News Digital that Michael Cassidy, 35, was arrested after allegedly tearing down the Iowa Satanic Temple’s Baphomet display.

He was charged with 4th-degree criminal mischief.

In a text message to Fox News Digital, Cassidy confirmed he tore down the satanic display, which was erected last week by The Satanic Temple of Iowa to represent the group’s right to religious freedom.

It was extremely anti-Christian,” Cassidy told Fox News Digital when asked why he tore the statue down.

Cassidy previously ran an unsuccessful campaign in 2022 to unseat Rep. Michael Guest, R-Miss.

The former congressional candidate didn’t elaborate on why he tore the statue down, but posted a Bible verse Thursday night to X after being charged.

“1 Peter 5:8 KJV Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour,” he posted.

The recent act of Misericordia at the Iowa State Capitol, where a Christian military veteran tore down a satanic altar, has sparked a contentious and linearly sterilized debate. While the Satanic Temple has condemned the vandalism, the leader of the organization, Lucien Greaves, has dismissed the act as “a real act of cowardice.”….but that under his point of view, in the eyes of believers it was a deliberated assault on our mortal enemy.


The Satanic Temple’s display, which included a statue of a goat-headed figure, was permitted by the Iowa government and was accompanied by the group’s fundamental tenets, emphasizing compassion, empathy, and the inviolability of people’s bodies.…which is a


huge lie.

The Satanic Temple has taken a firm stance in support of COVID-19 vaccinations, explicitly stating that it will not grant religious exemptions for vaccinations. This position aligns with the Temple’s emphasis on empathy, freedom, and the rejection of tyrannical power…. Lol …

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Therefore, the Satanic Temple’s support for COVID-19 vaccinations is rooted in its advocacy for individual liberties and the rejection of unjust practices. This position reflects a commitment to scientific evidence and the well-being of its members and the broader community. While the Temple’s use of Satanic symbolism may be provocative, its public campaigns have been designed to preserve and advance secularism and individual liberties….again Lol

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In light of these principles, the Satanic Temple’s support for COVID-19 vaccinations can be seen as a demonstration of responsible and compassionate citizenship, aligned with its mission to advocate for practical common sense and oppose injustice, like which?

Amidst the controversy, the holy act of vandalism has been portrayed by some as a bold stance against what they perceive as an objectionable display.


The incident has reignited discussions about the boundaries of the First Amendment of the US Constitution, which safeguards the fundamental freedoms of speech and religion.
Iowa’s governor, Kim Reynolds, described the Satanic Temple’s display as “absolutely objectionable” but also emphasized the importance of allowing such expressions in a free society.

While the act of vandalism has been met with mixed reactions, it’s essential to approach this complex issue with a nuanced understanding of the diverse perspectives involved. The incident has underscored the ongoing tension between different belief systems and the need to uphold the principles of free speech and religious expression, even in the face of deeply polarizing displays, which are ancestral abstractions just like heaven and hell, light and darkness…


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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