2023 : Another Year Lived Dangerously Through Our Eyes & Our Top Posts !

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The Lord is my shepherd, I will not want anything.
He restores my soul.
He guides me in the paths of righteousness with his Name.
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for God is with me;
Your staff and your staff keep me safe.
Before me you prepare a table under the eyes of my enemies; anoint my head with oil. My cup overflows.
Happiness and grace will be my companions all the days of my life, and so I will dwell in the house of the Lord for a long time

Authored by This Commentary Board Collective Authors via Medusa8.com

Simply…a great year, maybe the greatest one.


We decided to put on halt War On Westworld Series. We accomplished much despite the overwhelming censorship applied to the information we published and to this board that published them.

It’s this month that we finally claim to have solved the nature of our reality as a Simulation.

Il Segreto Finale Dell’Universo : La Simulazione Come Nuova Religione – The Ultimate Secret of the Universe: Simulation as a New Religion



We still don’t know it, but Ohio will become a state to talk about and criticize a few months later.

Stati Uniti : L’Incidente Chimico In Ohio Genererà Dolore, Fame e Morte Per Generazioni Ma Stampa e Elite Occidentali Minimizzano

The Simulation is the greatest discovery of all time. No proof? The fact that we have detected it, something that others cannot do, does not mean that it doesn’t exist.


March : The Month dedicated to the Tribute to God of War Mars

Someone said that the pandemic or presumed one ended when Russia started Special Operation on Donbas, we absolutely agree with this. Pandemic or less now more people are awake about the consequences of giving worth to the Western Establishment Media but unfortunately a real minority. Take the Italians for example…millions of ignoramuses that are enemies of themselves. Italy is a very dangerous and fascist place dominated by the tyrant power represented by the Judiciary System, which still relies and on purpose on a Fascist Penal Code promulgated by Fascists at 1930.

Sturm Und Drang : Dalle Mascherine, Ai Lockdown, Agli Esperimenti E Ai Vegetariani Fino Ad Un Inferno Totalmente Vuoto E Deserto

I think that was this month when we decided to drop off the Italian from the board where possible.

There is something sick in our Elites, but the sickest part of them is what is the shadow of the Pentagon, like in Warcraft III the Frozen Throne.

At last not least, March signed our agreement with the Church of The Final Judgement. We shall take down who abused of their holy and unholy diagram. It’s a crazy world and we have to deal with the chaos in God’s way.

Dark Arts : Satan’s Power, A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult, Is Now In Our Hands

God’s way…we could even pretend to have the name of Monster of Florence, seat your belt before to be thrown again “In Hell“.

From Hell In The Dark : L’Ultima Sbalorditiva Ipotesi Sull’Identità del Mostro di Firenze Aiuterà A Trovare La Verità ?



It wasn’t the final discovery but a first one, hmn? Talking about the Simulation…because we found the Toroid!!!

Simulation: From Da Vinci’s Matrix To The Double Toroidal Structure Of The Universe And Our One, As D.H.P.


Anyway..returning to Earth we thought to make a visit to an old friend in Suomiland….

It’s also a time for a balance or a kind of a global balance, as in hell so in earth.

April it’s a demoniac month, the month to forge and launch a new powerful series : Dark Side of the Power !
Pizzagate posts got a boost starting from this month.

Pizzagate : All The Dreams…I Mean The Conspiracy Nightmares That We Have Ferociously Exposed Are Becoming Sharpened Truth

Italy is a sad place for people who does not know the law and for who does known it, live working as a normal worker, maybe always Italy has been a sad place from 1920 to nowadays and without maybe at the end.



To learn some lesson to Italians we left behind our new young rising star De Vries, this post reached a very top level despite censorship against this board. Very proud of him, especially for his story of brother Edoardo, the Mahdi.
And always De Vries converted the remaining of the staff into Alien Gods, alien battles, alien colony, alien nation, alien control, alien dimension….WOA…

Alien Origins – February 2016, U.K., Wales, Cardiff : Air Battle At Pentyrch, Alien Spacecraft Shot Down in Smaelog Forest

Most shocking post which after it we didn’t look anymore to the Moon as we did before….

Alien Origins, Moon: From Statio Cognitum to UR , Seeking Scintillometer Uranium Detectors

Alien Colony : The Proof That Alien Bases On The Moon Are A Reality ? It’s Not In Front of Our Eyes…Literally

Arcadia : Once Upon A Time On Earth Before The Coming of The Lizard Moon

Shock after shock we thought to only one thing: treason….

Our dystopic posts have always something out of verve, isn’t it?

The Stepford Wives : On The Potential Consequences of Cyborgs Replacing Men And Women In All Aspects of Life, Including Childbirth…

Yes but Reagan told it two times, not one….

Aliens or not, the Series War on Westworld despite halted continues to spill out poison into the throat of our enemies

War On Westworld : Bakhmut Has Fallen Exactly One Year Later Mariupol, The Sacred Ancestors Are Leading To The Final Victory



The new series about Aliens is gettin out of control in our hands…for many reasons also Italian ones.

Ted Kaczynski died, a hero of other times. Berlusconi died.


When you think to Harvard you think something you can distrust, that’s good brother.

It’s the month of Sound of Freedom, the shocking biographic movie about child trafficking in the world. All western media censored it, or almost.



Pizzagate, Dutroux, Satanists, Monarchies, Epstein, Biden, all connected and more.

Un post in italiano per il Maestro che non voleva insegnare e avere alunni.


From Pizzagate and its deep satanic origins to the Archons as probably the true origins of evil.

Meet The Archons: The Malevolent Gods Who Use This Planet As A Giant Westworld Park

We are back in Ohio, to move war against the Judiciary System, always ready to send in jail scapegoats and citizens who cannot impress it with papers or high acquaintances: Call Vaughn.

Out our trilogy about the Holy Killers of Christianity and Islam.




It’s time for Elites of vampires to show up in our society in a serious way than that described here.

Blood Industries : The Elite Few Who Create Millions of Poor Guinea Pigs Among Peoples, What Future for Our Species?

The story of Ilona touches the depth of our soul. We vow revenge on the Nazis forging a new Series: S.V.O. Battlefront Chronicles, which is still up.


Un’operazione lunga otto anni, un simbionte, un giovane Sindaco, un Comune ricchissimo. Ma enigmi a parte, questa è una storia vera, censurata da giornali, politici e magistrati, una storia peraltro ancora in corso di svolgimento, indisturbata. Milioni di euro pappati da un giovane Sindaco con il beneplacito sempre di giornali, politici e magistrati. Una storia dirompente, squallida, ai limiti estremi della volgarità che questo Stato e Repubblica di Fascisti potrebbe mai partorire come aborto di se stessa. Chiunque voti in Italia è il problema, senza eccezioni.

Director’s Cut : Il Manuale Per Il Giovane Amministratore Che Intende Rubare Soldi Pubblici, Guida Definitiva Al Saccheggio delle Casse Statali

Mackenzie and Dominic made cry all Cleveland and suburbs, maybe it was the first love story post ever conceived and made here.

Mackenzie and Dominic : A Little Big Love Story About Which No One Should Dare and Claim The Right to Speak Badly

Israel decided to rip off Gaza and build new boundaries to own stolen country, poor thing considering Hamas was their little creature once.

Secret History of The Middle East : When Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas As A Counterweight to Al Fatah

Americans own the so said TIC-TAC technology, remarkable discovery also this month.

Alien Invasion Endgame : 80% Of U.A.P. Technology, Like The So-Called Tic Tac, Are Man-Made, American, And Yes, We Are There.



Pizzagate : Enter Mother of Darkness. Castles and Belgium have some serial problem.

Any moment is a good moment to remember Waco.

American Horror : L’Assedio di Waco Fu Una Pagina Vergognosa di Storia Sotto l’Egida di Bill Clinton, McVeigh Riposa In Pace

As written previously, we won’t let go our grip on Ohio.

Humans should re think to the nature of their reality as we re thought the nature of the Gray reality.

Ridley Scott and other directors who like filming fake realities should consider to leave….

As written previously, Pentagon got some pizzagate problem, as women do

Sturm und Drang : Le Vere Motivazioni Dietro l’Uccisione delle Donne nel Contesto delle Società Capitaliste Planetarie



Books…the true most powerful drug for the knowledge.

Imagine a high source of knowledge highly altered now… because we can not.

Back in time….I never thought to reach these conclusions but if the Simulation trained me then there will be a reason standing for this.

Alien Abduction, Taking Control : A Technique To Fight Back An Inducted Altered State of Consciousness, Orch OR Theory and Don Juan

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Uh…this is a masterpiece of post or a post with inside many masterpieces, it’s the same, or should be…for asymmetric Masters of War.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Legacy : Navigating Through Asymmetric Intricacies of The Simulation Via The Enigmatic Role of Mirroring Techniques

Once you discover your nature all becomes obsolete and redundant…hence any paroxysm may be a boost of oxygen.

Archon Underworld : How Do You Think You Are Going to Handle the Truth About the Nature of Our Reality?

If you get into this then your pineal gland is still working, and I hope also your liver and kidneys if you wish to continue ^^

May Archangel Michael protect us all and choose the best among Us to replenish the Army of Light,
in the Grace and Authentic Power of Our Lord.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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