This Site Will Be Maintained Without New Contents Until Further Notice

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Dear Readers, I regret to inform you that due to recent developments, our site will no longer release posts being censored actively by Google, but there is a way to back.

Authored by Baron de La Vandal, Medusa8 Administrator and Founder

This decision has been made in response to the support that Medusa8 has given to Russia, which has led to our content being targeted for censorship.

We understand that this change may have an impact on the availability of our content to you, our valued readers. However, we believe it is important to take a stand against censorship and support freedom of expression.

We assure you that we are exploring alternative ways to make our content accessible to you, and we will keep you updated on any developments in this regard.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support, therefore, although we have been banned by that tech giant without any feelings or remorse, we have decided to offer you, our readers, a way to support us. If donations reach more than 200,000 Euros, we will continue for the next 20 years without stopping.

That’s all we can do, and that’s all you can do to restart our Simulation.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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