War On Westworld Meets Dystopian Times : Aladdin BlackRock A.I. Rehoboam Is Actively Controlling Our Lives, Destroying Our Economies

Last updated on June 26th, 2023 at 09:04 am

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Controlling Our Economies, Destroying Our Lives..

Authored by Blackrock Company via Aladdin Artificial Intelligence

Aladdin is a proprietary software platform developed by BlackRock, the largest investment management corporation in the world.

It is an acronym for Asset, Liability, Debt and Derivative Investment Network. Aladdin is a comprehensive investment management and trading platform that combines sophisticated risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management, trading, and operations tools on a single unified platform. It is used by thousands of investment professionals around the world and underpins a massive proportion of the world’s financial ecosystem. Aladdin is a tech platform that unifies the investment management process across public and private markets through a common data language to enable scale.

It is the most powerful tool that is revolutionizing the way BlackRock and other financial institutions approach investment management and portfolio construction.

Aladdin uses several technologies such as Linux, Java, Hadoop, Docker, Kubernetes, Zookeeper, Splunk, ELK Stack, Git, Apache, Nginx, Sybase ASE, Snowflake, Cognos, FIX, Swift object storage, REST, AngularJS, TREP.

It is also considered an AI system that leverages unprecedented amounts of data, giving unprecedented insights into the financial market.

Aladdin is so powerful that it has become a vital asset to BlackRock’s technological services, with Aladdin in 2020 creating $1.1 billion in revenue. Thanks to the fake pandemic.


Although Aladdin has fueled BlackRock’s all-conquering rise by tightening its links with customers and diversifying its revenues, the platform’s success has opened up new challenges. Competitors are fast developing rival platforms that are taking some of its business.

However, there are dangers and damages to economies in the countries of this planet that arise from the use of Aladdin.

One danger and one damage is the inflation. And you know that U.S. and E.U. have now a ticket for flying hyperinflation.

Aladdin is used to invest in a particular asset class or market, it is the cause of an increase in demand for that asset, which leads to an increase in prices and inflation. This , in its side, will be the cause of the economy to collapse of the targeted country, or countries.

Another danger is the concentration of power.


Aladdin is used by a large number of investment professionals and manages a significant portion of the world’s financial assets. This concentration of power is leading to an unprecedented situation where a small group of people owns a disproportionate amount of influence over the global financial system. Moreover, Aladdin is leading to a lack of transparency in the financial system. The platform is used to manage a large number of financial assets, and it is difficult to track the flow of money and understand the risks associated with different investments. This leads to a situation where investors are not fully aware of the risks they are taking on, which leads to financial instability.

At last not least, Aladdin is also leading to a lack of diversity in the financial system. The platform is designed to manage a large number of financial assets, which leads to a situation where investors are more likely to invest in the same assets or asset classes.
This lack of diversity leads to a situation where the financial system is more vulnerable to shocks or downturns in particular markets or asset classes.

Again, now you know why anything in western newspaper is a deformed truth and a deformed lie.

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about the dangers of AI and its potential impact on society.


However, many journalists seem to have overlooked the concrete dangers of Aladdin BlackRock AI, a powerful investment management and trading platform developed by BlackRock. Above, some reasons why journalists should focus more on the dangers and on the damages of Aladdin BlackRock AI.

Despite these dangers and these concrete damages that are under the eyes of millions of unaware people, the journalists seem to have overlooked the impact of Aladdin BlackRock AI on the global financial system. Instead, they have focused on the potential dangers of AI in general, without considering the specific risks associated with Aladdin.

Can’t imagine that Aladdin is now using Quantum Computers..

This is a mistake, and hell is awaiting…


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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