Full Disclosure Policy


Last Updated On 01/03/2023

Medusa8 – Conflicts/Full Disclosure Policy

Medusa8 upholds a commitment to reliability, accuracy, and impartiality when it comes to the data and services we offer.

We are dedicated to full transparency in our practices and will provide full disclosure of any and all information related to our data and services.

We pledge to be open and honest with our readers and will never make untrue or deceptive claims about our data or services.

Deceptive marketing techniques are never used, and we will never manipulate or misrepresent our data and services.

At Medusa8, we strive to ensure our readers have complete knowledge of all information related to our data and services. We believe that full disclosure is essential in providing our readers with reliable and accurate information.

To this end, we are committed to providing comprehensive, up-to-date, and unbiased information about our data and services. This includes providing full disclosure of any and all information related to our data and services, as well as refraining from using any deceptive marketing techniques or manipulating or misrepresenting our data or services in any way. We also strive to maintain full transparency in our operations and provide our readers with the most accurate and comprehensive information about our data and services.

By providing our readers with full and accurate information about our data and services, we ensure that our readers are able to make the best decisions for their needs.

In the last many years, it has become fashionable in journalistic circles, as one comes to the end of a piece, to make a substantial to-do of disclosing a long slew of:

Multiple Scandals in the Western Elites
Political and Military Corruption
Social Degeneracy
Vulgar Government Deceptions
Journalism of Stocks As Only Available and Reliable Journalism
Westerner Culture Degrading
Immoral Practices of Industries
Impoverishment of School Education
Social Media Manipulation
Holdings in various marketable securities
Holdings in various unmarketable securities
Financial interests in various entities
Non-financial interests in various entities
Loan arrangements with various entities
Loan arrangements with various employees or executives of various entities
Financial relationships with various employees or executives of various entities
Financial relationships with various entities
Sexual relationships with various employees or executives of various entities
Sexual relationships with relations of various employees or executives of various entities
Sexual relationships with various entities, and;
Sexual relationships with affiliates of various entities…in order to avoid being guilty of a conflict of interest.

We believe that the situation at hand is far more than a mere charade. Rather, it embodies a concerning attitude towards public discourse, one that implies that facts and opinions are interchangeable. It is not a crime to have a conflict of interest; rather, it is a situation that can be misleading or deceptive if the reader is not diligent in distinguishing facts from opinions. We find this attitude to be shameful and urge the reader to be more cognizant of the dangers of blurring the line between facts and opinions.

The appearance of full disclosure is not a substitute for skepticism. To suggest that opinions should be actionable and that appearances can alter facts is to assume that a person should be held responsible for losses without having done their due diligence. This is a dangerous attitude and one that leads to lawsuits when investors do not get the returns they expect without having done the necessary research. We believe that it is important to invest time and effort into understanding the facts before making decisions and that this kind of diligence will lead to better outcomes.

Another factor that contributes to this misguided attitude is the increased focus on one’s personal qualities rather than the evidence and facts. This trend is especially concerning as it leads to a sense of guilt and a need for absolution when engaging in activities that are fundamental to capitalism. It is unclear how we have reached this point, as capitalism is the foundation of our economic system, and there is no reason why engaging in it should be seen as something shameful, or…there is?

We don’t.

We are always so outspoken in our views that it will likely come as a surprise to you. Why read about a position that does not have the backing of the author’s own money? Even if you are only seeking entertainment, why take such a position seriously? Instead, consider the source of any information carefully and take it with a grain of salt.

It is essential that readers approach analytic posts and other Medusa8 content with the understanding that the author is likely to have a vested interest in the outcome. This allows the focus to remain on the content rather than the authors or their data.

To ensure that our arguments and prose are valid and sound, we must be confident that we are presenting a strong case, even if we are personally invested in it. It is not enough to make a convincing argument in ideal conditions; we must also consider possible scenarios where the opposite is true and our argument is challenged. Just like a safe should be tested against all the possible advantages a burglar could have, our argument must stand up to potential criticisms as well. If it can withstand all opposition, then we can be sure that it is a solid and secure one.


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