The Crooked Spire : A Unique Architectural Twisting Feature In Some “Lucky” European Churches

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The Crooked Spire is a unique architectural feature found in some churches in Europe. There are about a hundred bell towers of this type in Europe.


The twisting can be caused by internal or external forces. Internal conditions, such as green or unseasoned wood, can cause some twisting until after about 50 years when fully seasoned.

Also, the weight of any lead used in construction can cause the wood to twist. Dry wood will shrink, causing further movement. Water can cause rot, which can cause partial collapse, resulting in a twist. The heat of the sun on one side can also play a part in this process. Earthquakes and strong winds have also occasionally caused twisting.
Finally, a weak design can be to blame, for example, due to a lack of adequate reinforcements.

One of the most famous examples of the Crooked Spire is in Chesterfield, England.


The spire of St. Mary and All Saints, an Anglican parish church, leans at an alarming 9 feet 5 inches from true.


There are many legends surrounding the Crooked Spire. One legend says that a virgin once married in the church, and the church was so surprised that the spire turned around to look at the bride.

Another version of the myth common in Chesterfield is that the devil twisted the spire when a virgin was married in that church, saying that he would untwist it when a second virgin was married again. A third myth says that the devil perched on the spire and twisted his tail around it, transmitting his presence through it to the structure.

The Crooked Spire is a fascinating architectural feature that adds character and charm to the churches that have it.

It is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the builders who constructed these towers.

The Crooked Spire is a popular tourist attraction and has been featured in various media.

It is a unique and interesting feature that is sure to capture the imagination of anyone who sees it.


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