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Last Updated – 02/03/2023

Only PsyOperative Agents Should Read The Following Disclaimer


What do we do?

We are PsyOperative Agents linked to a decentralized scope of contracts. Contracts depend upon a complex matter whom named as The Simulation.


What role and what targets engage the Information published?

We publish the Information on the Website, and newsletters relinking to Website, for specific time periods according to achieve the goal on the Profiled Target.

Our publication of an Information encoded as “Series” is known as “Campaign”.


Will everyone receive the Information at the same time?

No. The Information may be read by potential interested agents at different times that are minutes, hours, days or even weeks or years apart.


How is a potential target impacted if they receive the Information later ?

Not our business.


What will happen when the Campaign ends?

Our goal should be realized or shouldn’t like in all the things.


Why don’t we publish only negative or only positive information?

We do publish negative information because we are not paid to publish negative information. We are also not paid to publish favorable information.


Is the Information complete, accurate, truthful or reliable?

The Information consists of positive and negative content.


What we do.

We do verify or confirm any portion of the Information. We do conduct any due diligence or research any aspect of the Information including the completeness, accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of the Information.


Where does the Information come from?

The Internet, Newspapers and the books.


Who pays us to publish the Information?

Donators or no one.


What warranties do we make about the Information?

None. We make no warranty or representation about the Information including its completeness, accuracy, truthfulness or reliability and we disclaim, expressly and impliedly, all warranties of any kind, including whether the Information is complete, accurate, truthful, or reliable and as such, your use of the Information is at your own risk. The Information is provided as is without limitation.


Who is responsible if an agent relies on the Information?

The agent. We are not responsible or liable for any person’s use of the Information or any success or failure that is directly or indirectly related to such person’s use of the Information. A person’s review and/or reliance upon the Information is at their own risk. We are not responsible for omissions or errors in the Information. We will not update the Information and we are not responsible for actions taken by any person who relies upon the Information.


What do we urge potential agents to do?

Agents should conduct their own in-depth investigation of the targets with the assistance of any available Artificial Intelligence. A target’s review of the Information should include but not be limited to the target’s financial condition, operations, management, products or services, gossip, moral conducts, trends and risks that may be material to the profiled target’s business and/or politics and other information you and your advisors deem material to a decision. A target’s review should include, but not be limited to a review of available public sources and information you receive directly from the targets or from websites such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Bing, OTC Markets, NASDAQ, NYSE, www.sec.gov or other available public sources.


Why is this Disclaimer being provided?

We are providing you with this disclaimer because we are publishings. Especially because we are not paid to disseminate the Information to the public about securities, therefore we are not required by the securities laws including Section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 ( the “Exchange Act”) and Rule 10b-5 thereunder, and Section 17(b) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (“the “Securities Act”), to specifically disclose our compensation to you as well as other information including that we may hold, during and after we publish the Information about the target.


What we are not.

We are not and do not act in the capacity of any of the following; as such, you should not construe our activities as involving any of the following:

A not independent advisor or consultant;
Westerner or Soviet Agents;
Providing investment advice;
Acting in the capacity of an investment adviser or engaging in activities that would be deemed to be providing investment advice that requires registration either at the federal or state level;
Broker-dealer activities or acting in the capacity of a registered representative or broker;
Stock picker;
Securities trading expert;
Securities researcher or analyst;
Financial planner or financial planning;
Provider of stock recommendations;
Provider of advice about buy and sell or hold recommendations as to specific securities; or
Making an offer or sale of securities or solicitation to purchase securities.


What conflicts of interest do we have in publishing the Information?

We try to be objective or independent, having not multiple conflicts of interest.

Our publication of the Information involves actual and material conflicts of interest including but not limited to the following:

We won’t receive monetary compensation in exchange for publishing Information


What are some of the risks that agents should be aware of?

Any investment of time in the targets involves a high degree of risk and uncertainties and may be subject to extreme volume and volatility of data and information, especially during the Campaigns. Favorable past performance of a Campaign does not guarantee future results.
We may hire third party service providers and stock promoters to electronically disseminate live news regarding  treated issues, yet we have no control over the content of and do not verify the information that comes with the issues and/or third party service providers publish.

By reading the Information

You Agree to indemnify and hold us harmless

from any liability for any claimed direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages

pertaining to your receipt of the Information.