The Monster of the Ardennes : Belgium, France and Their Castles Have Longstanding Problems with Pedophilia and Satanism

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Our story this time is set… or rather… once again it is set in the Ardennes, and in a castle….

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I had never read about Michel Fourniret in the Italian press, nor had I seen any TV programs in Italy about the second largest case of rape and murder of children after that of Dutroux. The horror always takes place on the border between Belgium and France, in the aforementioned Ardennes, and with another beautiful horror castle to complete it.

Michel Fourniret, also known as the “Monster of the Ardennes,” was a French serial killer who was convicted of seven murders and sentenced to life in prison.

Fourniret sought young virgins to rape and kill. He was accused of raping, mutilating, and murdering his victims. Fourniret’s partner, Monique Olivier, helped him track down and capture virgins, some of whom were first drugged and bound. The couple would sometimes bring their baby son in the car to persuade victims that it was safe to accept a lift.

monique olivier michel fourniret

Fourniret was called the “Ogre of the Ardennes” by the media due to the heavily wooded region where his crimes occurred. His partner, Monique Olivier, was also convicted of complicity in several of the rapes and murders of little girls.

but the list is longer…

The Château de Sautou, located near Sedan in France, has a dark and chilling history, Fourniret disposed of the bodies in his grounds or the surrounding area, before to sell the castle and flee in Belgium.


Michel Fourniret used the money he made from stolen gold to buy the Château du Sautou in Donchery, France, not far away from Belgium borders.

Fourniret’s crimes were gruesome. He and his wife, Monique Olivier, would kidnap, rape, and murder their victims, burying at least two of them in the grounds of the Château de Sautou. The remains of these victims were exhumed from the gardens of the Château du Sautou on 3 July 2004, after Fourniret and Olivier confessed to the killings.

The castle, located near a forest road just over the Belgian border, served as an ideal base for Fourniret’s heinous activities. When Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch, a friend of one of Fourniret’s victims, discovered that Fourniret had become the lord of the castle, he attempted to shoot Fourniret but missed. Fourniret subsequently sold the castle and fled to Belgium, where he continued his murderous spree.

Chateau de Satou is not far away from the other infamous castle….


Yes, in this story there are no other apparent connections with “taking pizza” and the Luciferians and their satanic rituals at Chateau des Amerois, but there is everything else that remains.

I find it quite singular that the beginning of Fourniret’s “operations” had as a kickboot precisely the purchase and his residence in this castle, and dozens of hypotheses could be formulated in this regard.

From the description that the little girl who escaped from Fourniret’s clutches revealed, that when he revealed himself to her, his eye color changed, and the expression due to the extremely wide smile “up to the ears,” we learn that he was unequivocally a demon,


and his companion a slave in his service given to him by Satan himself.

Belgium is the epicenter of global satanic evil…

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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