Nordic Romanticism : Nils Blommér’s The Water-Sprite and Ægir’s Daughters Over The Ruins of Stegeborg Castle

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Storm och drang


The Water-Sprite and Ægir’s Daughters is a painting by Nils Blommér, a Swedish painter, created in 1850.

The painting depicts Ægir, a jötunn (a giant in Norse mythology) who personifies the sea, and his wife Ran, who is also associated with the sea. They had nine daughters, who are personifications of the waves. Each daughter’s name reflects poetic terms for waves, such as “Billow”, “Foam-crested”, and “Whitecap”.

The painting shows Ægir and his daughters in the foreground, with the ruins of Stegeborg Castle in the background.

The painting is currently held at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nils Blommér was a Swedish painter who started his career as an apprentice in Lund and experimented with painting portraits from the age of 20.

He is known for his romantic and mythological paintings, and his works often depict scenes from Norse mythology.

“The Water-Sprite and Ægir’s Daughters” is one of his most famous paintings and is considered a masterpiece of Swedish Romanticism.


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