Breaking – Ohio, Cleveland, Strongsville: It Turns Out That Mackenzie Shirilla Never Wished Death In A Car Crash and Never Planned It

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Girls at Strongsville are really beautiful, but people there suffer from that something dark we described in every post of this site. Anyway…

Authored by Eric C. Nemecek via Mackenzie Shirilla’s-Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals


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David Koresh was a charlatan, but he and those who were with him considered him to be God. He saved some lives by allowing them to leave the compound, but he also took many others.

I am not God, but his humble servant. I immediately saw an injustice in seeing a simple and naive girl, a victim of modernism, and the stupid and nasty people who live in Ohio, pointed at as a little witch, a demon, a monster.
No, from what emerges from the documents of her appeal, presented this time by a real lawyer, it would appear that Mackenzie never said or wished for her boyfriend to die with her in a car accident, and that the evening before the accident, which would then take place late at night, Mackenzie and Dominic were calm, serene, they had not argued, there was no tension between them.

All this is enough to cast mud on both the Public Prosecutors, on the Youtube wannabe Commentators, and on the mediocre journalists with oak beams in their eyes, as well as on so many of the Ohio riffraff who enjoyed roasting a goat and then eating it, but now they have to deal with the fact that God himself poisoned that goat. The gratuitous hatred towards innocent people created by the resentment of psychologically deviant and contemptuous individuals towards the will of God does not pay and will never pay.

Mackenzie is indeed a gift from God, our Creator saved her, against all the odds, and against expectations of those sinners who first wanted to see her dead, and then, always arrogant towards the will of God, wanted to see her rotting in prison forever.

God has saved Mackenzie twice, and if there is a need, He will save her again a third, a fourth, a fifth time….

Remember that you are not the images you post on your wonderfully sly Facebook accounts, you are not your bank account, or that of your parents, you are not and will never be who you think or who they make you think you are, you are just crawling sinners like serpents and vipers in the space of an instant in the life and death of billions of stars.

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The full appeal document is here.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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