Sun’s Unprecedented Activity : Elites and Scientists Can’t Really Know When It Will Begin To Decrease, Links to Earthquakes and Other Shocks

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Everything is connected to Solar activity, the Elites know it very well but masses truly ignore the whole schema.

Authored by Rudolf Wolf via Scientific Journal Essays

The peak of solar activity, such as the current Solar Cycle 25, can have various impacts on technology and the Earth’s environment. Increased solar activity, marked by a higher number of sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections, can lead to the release of highly energized particles that pose potential risks to electronics and power grids. Solar storms generated by the sun can affect electric power grids, GPS and aviation, and satellites in low-Earth orbit. These events also cause radio blackouts and even pose risks for crewed space missions, hospitals, networks.


While the impact of solar activity on human health is a subject of ongoing research, some studies have suggested potential correlations between solar activity and human history, including the influence of solar activity on weather and climate. Scientists claim that solar activity displays periodic time patterns with periods of about 11 years, and changes in solar activity have been observed over the past millennia, with periods of increased and decreased solar activity, but the so said cycles are not a perfect science of timing…

The duration of the peak of solar activity is variable and can persist for several years, and no one can predict exactly its behavior. While the sun is currently approaching the peak of its activity, the exact duration of this peak is not definitively known. Some research suggests that the maximum intensity of solar cycle 25 is imminent and likely to occur within a year, with continuing high solar activity, including frequently enhanced aurorae, expected until at least 2027. Additionally, it has been noted that the biggest solar storms of the current cycle are expected to occur after the maximum, with the increase in solar flares peaking after the maximum. Therefore, while the sun’s activity is reaching its peak, the duration of this heightened activity and its potential impacts are areas of ongoing study and monitoring.

It’s 2027, the same year that Project Blue Book could get in its final stage of completion.

Anyway…solar activity is currently increasing. According to recent observations, sunspot activity has been on the rise, indicating that we are approaching the peak of Solar Cycle 25. The peak is expected to occur sometime between early 2024 and September 2024. This is in line with the forecast that Solar Cycle 25 will be a fairly weak cycle, similar in strength to cycle 24, with the solar maximum expected in July 2025.

Therefore, the solar activity is not decreasing; instead, it is on the path to reaching its peak in the coming year. A year of tragedies is taking the high wave or quake…


Recent studies have suggested a possible connection between solar activity and seismic events. Research has indicated a correlation between solar disturbances and the occurrence of earthquakes, particularly in relation to shallow depth earthquakes at small seismic regions. Additionally, some studies have proposed a mechanism called the reverse piezoelectric effect, suggesting that electromagnetic anomalies resulting from solar activity could potentially trigger earthquakes by destabilizing faults in the Earth’s crust. While the official position of the US government is that there is no evidence to support a causal link between solar activity and seismic events, everyone know that they ‘re lying….other research has demonstrated a statistically significant correlation between the two.


The CIA released an archived document titled “EARTHQUAKES: THE SOLAR CONNECTION,” which discusses the potential link between solar activity and seismic events. The document explores the hypothesis that solar flares may trigger seismic activity, presenting the perspective of a scientist who suggests this connection. Additionally, the document references the work of other researchers who have studied possible links between solar activity, electromagnetic storms, and earthquakes. The release of this document reflects the ongoing scientific interest in understanding the potential interactions between solar activity and seismic events. Nature magazine published an article debating same matter.

Earth experienced one of the largest solar radio events ever recorded on December 14, 2023. An X2.8 flare is indeed one of the largest solar radio events ever recorded, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Space Weather Prediction Center. This event is also reported to be the most powerful of the current solar cycle, which began in December 2019.  What we have to expect now?

The Carrington Event, which was the largest recorded solar storm in history, occurred in 1859. Sunspot activity rises and falls on an 11-year cycle, and we are currently approaching the next solar maximum in 2025. The Carrington Event was the first occurrence ever partially recorded about solar storms, with a magnitude are estimated to happen once every 500 years or so, with less intense solar storms occurring more frequently, about every 50 years.

It is difficult to predict the exact timing of another Carrington-level event, but the potential for such an event exists, especially during periods of high solar activity such as the approaching solar maximum. Therefore, it is possible that a solar storm of similar magnitude to the Carrington Event could occur while the Sun remains in this peak of activity.

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Be sure to protect your data stored in magnetic devices by protecting hardware and magnetic devices:

#Use of Surge Protectors: Surge protection devices, such as gas discharge arrestors and metal oxide varistors, can help limit the voltage and current surges that may result from a solar event.

#Electromagnetic Shielding: Employing electromagnetic shielding materials, such as sheet metal, metal screen, and metal foam, can help reduce the electromagnetic field exposure of electronic devices. Your roof or ceiling should be shielded by a copper grid, and magnetic paint should cover your walls.

#Faraday Cages: Faraday cages, which are enclosures made of conductive materials, can shield electronic devices from external electromagnetic fields. Placing the devices in Faraday cages protects them from the effects of solar magnetic events..


Faraday bags, also described here for the same motif told here, may help to achieve the protection and preservation goal of stored magnetic devices inside them.


As for the impact of a solar event on CDs and DVDs, these storage media are not magnetic and are therefore less susceptible to the effects of a solar storm. However, the intense electromagnetic activity during such an event could still potentially affect the electronic devices used to read or write to these media, so the protective measures mentioned above would still be relevant.

These measures can help mitigate the risks, the full potential impact of an event like the Carrington Event on our modern world equipped with a large scale of modern electronic devices is unknown.

Therefore, it’s advisable to stay informed about the latest research and recommendations regarding the protection of hardware from solar events although the Elites like keep you not informed.

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