Sympathy For The Devil : One Mindbending Story Of The Process Church Of The Final Judgement

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After investigating deeply thanks to the following two documentaries…I must say…there is a convergent scope between us and them

Authored by Timothy Willie via Television Documentary and Books

“I am the spirit that always denies! And rightly too; for all that … is merely worth its being wasted; Therefore it were better that nothing should be done”,

______________Goethe (Faust)


De Grimstone used to write as we do, bypassing the linguistic filters and going straight and directly to the nervous system.

The world described by Mr.Moore, aka Robert de Grimstone, is a place of darkness, misery, pain, anguish, hatred, and failure, humanity is the devil and the world is their hell.

The documentaries mostly portray the founders and their followers, adepts, and acolytes as just Satanists and devil-worshippers, when in reality, their religion encompasses more than just one God. In fact, their belief system involves three Gods, entangling a fourth one. For those who have read Plichta’s works or our articles on the Simulation, this 3+1 concept holds significant meaning.

Their cult must be seen in the optic of who is reinterpreting the Christianity fundamental teachings of cosmogony and theology in a modern key, it means starting exploring the abyss into ourselves before to forge an idea of what we are and where we are.

As Berkowitz confirmed, it is horrifying and confirmed that the children of the cult were treated in a heinous manner. They lived without their parents in cramped, dirty spaces and were exposed to crimes and dangers such as pedophilia and other terrible fates. Apparently, all of this was due to the cult’s wannabe Goddess, who hated children because she had a difficult childhood. Indeed the documentaries also highlight the charismatic figure of Mary-Anne Maclean, the true Deus Ex Machina of the organization.


nicknamed Hecate, Goddess of Witchcraft, Necromancy, Night and Moon.



“Typically of such chthonic sacrifice was the dog that could be offered to Hekate where three roads met, symbolic of her tripartite nature, an offering that would be made at night, unlike the daylight meal for an Olympian. The dog was considered a tame version of the wolf, and not entirely incapable of reverting unexpectedly into its werewolf ancestor, with all of that sinister connotations, including the possibility that a human could be possessed by its wild and outlaw spirit. We have inherited this tradition in our attitude towards ‘bitches’ and metaphors like the ‘hounds of Hell.'”
(The World of Classical Myth, Carl A.P. Ruck & Danny Staples, pg. 40)

This is almost surely a case of synchronicity as it is far more likely Mary Ann would have sacrificed children than dogs to the gods, as we shall see. For now, let us return to Mary Ann’s adoption of Hecate’s name. The Greek deity is also, like Kali, a death goddess. In general, Hecate is a goddess of contrasts.

“As a lunar and chthonian goddess, she was linked to fertility rites, but she displays two contrasting aspects. One is benevolent and benign — she presides at seedtime and childbirth; she protects sailor; she grants prosperity, eloquence, victory, plentiful harvests to farmers and rich catches to the fishermen; and she is the guide on the path of Orphic purification. On the other side of the coin is her terrifying and infernal aspect. She is ‘the goddess of ghosts and night-terrors… of phantoms and fearful monsters… she is the witch par excellence,’ mistress of sorcery. She is only conjured up by incantation, by love charms or by death philtres.”
(Dictionary of Symbols, Jean Chevalier & Alain Gheerbrant, pg. 489)

The same can also be said of Kali.
“There are two sides to the worship of the Indian Goddess Kali: her right side as benefactress and universal mother, her left side as fury and ogress.”
(The White Goddess, Robert Graves, pg. 445)

Yes, she would be also Kali, the infamous Goddess, active in actual Epoch, according to Veda revelations.

She grew up in the suburbs of Glasgow, facing a world of misery, pain, and anguish. Her parents did not care for her that much, and she may have been raped as a teenager. After that, she moved to London.

Moore-De Grimstone and Mary-Anne MacLean at their beginnings in London…

Although we have found out that she moved then to America where she met, maybe deeply, Sugar Ray Robinson, and returning from New York  maybe she got also involved in the Profumo’s scandal.

This isn’t to say, however, that there wasn’t something nefarious about the Process, especially the figure of Mary Ann de Grimston. Unfortunately, much of the research concerning the inner circle of the Process is deeply flawed if not grossly inaccurate. As a result, conspiracy researchers have for years followed red herrings (Robert de Grimston) while being unable to turn up any reliable background information about the true Process mastermind, Mary Ann de Grimston. Indeed, there is virtually no credible information available concerning Miss de Grimston’s life before joining the Church of Scientology in the early 1960s other than the fact that she was born in 1931 in Glasgow, Scotland and that she had worked as a prostitute in some capacity prior to joining the Church.
From these mysterious origins have come a host of rumors and speculation, most notably that Miss de Grimston was involved in some capacity in the Profumo Affair before signing up with the Scientologists.

“At the Hubbard Institute of Scientology in London he met Mary Anne MacLean, a woman who is said to have been engaged to prizefighter Sugar Ray Robinson in America for a brief period, before returning to England. Mary Anne MacLean was born in Glasgow on November 20, 1931, and was thus four years Robert Moore’s senior. Before she met Moore, however, she became involved with several high-ranking British politicians a la Christine Keeler of the Profumo Affair… Christine Keeler was the mistress of British War Minister John Profumo and Soviet GRU agent Yevgeny Ivanoff; she herself also alleged that she slept with President John Kennedy on a trip she made to the United States in the summer of 1962…

“This, then, was the situation at the time Mary Anne MacLean met Robert Moore at Scientology headquarters in London; they then decided to break away, form their own operation, and get married. For someone like Mary Anne, it was probably a wise move: her profile in British society was not entirely low. Engaged to an American prizefighter, running in the same circles as Keeler and her associates, who were all being rounded up to ‘help the police in their inquiries,’ it was a smart move to decamped to the Scientologists and marry an intelligent and charismatic architect like Robert Moore, as cover if nothing else… Mary Anne MacLean’s former fiancé, Sugar Ray Robinson, had even intended to make a film of the Profumo affair with Christine Keeler in the starring role opposite Sugar Ray himself, thus strengthening the link between MacLean, Robinson, Keeler and the Profumo Affair … and from Profumo to Process.”

And then, in 1961, Mary Ann briefly steps onto the stage of recorded history (eventually) when she joins the Church of Scientology and quickly becomes an auditor. By 1965 this self-proclaimed former high-class prostitute had cofounded her own cult with Robert Moor, a former British military officer who was the son of an engineer and the grandson of a vicar, and whom Mary Ann had wed. Eventually they took on the last name de Grimston to sound more aristocratic.

And about the dogs, among them the most famous named Satan and Lucifer, it is now known that Mary-Anne considered herself also as the reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels,


then you can comprehend why the shepherd dogs,


the Church symbol as a Swastika,

symb1 imm

It should not be surprising to discover that at the peak of its expansion, the Cult joined forces with the KKK and Aryan Brotherhood movements across America and Europe.

At one point this right-wing ideologue soft spot involved sending Wyllie and a Jewish member of the Process to meet with George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, days before he was assassinated.
During the final year of Rockwell’s life William Luther Pierce, eventual founder of the National Alliance and author of the notorious Turner Diaries (a book with a fan base that included both Order founder Robert Matthews and alleged Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, among others), had also signed up with his outfit. It’s impossible to know whether Pierce, who also lived in Virginia (the location where Rockwell also lived and was assassinated), was present at the time of Rockwell’s meeting with the Process but this is surely a curious convergence of individuals and organizations regardless.

The obsession that Mary Ann possessed with Nazism, however, is one of the more compelling arguments for the involvement of the Process in some type of nationwide network. After all, as noted in part three, there was in fact a right wing paramilitary underground network (comprised of members of the Minutemen, the Christian Identity movement, the KKK, and other such organizations) that was in existence from the mid-1960s until at least the early 1990s.

And certainly the Process approached far right ideologues from time to time. In addition to Rockwell, the Process (then calling itself the Foundation Church) also met with notorious segregationist Gov. George Wallace and apparently even performed a faith healing for him.

The alleged death of Mary-Anne in 2004 remains shrouded in mystery, much like many other aspects of her life, including the extent of the Process Church’s infiltration in society, casting a shadow over the group’s legacy.

“Since the community wants to keep quiet about Mary Ann’s death –and the only reason it is known at all was a leak from one of the inner circle — it’s impossible to know the true facts of her demise.
“The rumor that has been circulating is savage, sadly ironic and perhaps even a little satisfying to those who have thought that a karmic debt needed to be paid. Until more is known about the facts of her death, it seems to be all that we have to go on.
“Mary Ann was taking an evening stroll, so the story goes, walking slowly around the far side of the lake that the tomblike house overlooks, when a pack of wild dogs set on her, tearing her throat out and ripping her body apart.
“If that wasn’t irony enough for a woman who called herself Hecate, the wild dogs were believed to be escapees from the animal sanctuary, the very place that appears to be the final iteration of her brainchildren: Compulsion Analysis, The Process Church of the Final Judgment and The Foundation Faith of the Millennium.”

However, the documentaries lack of information. For example, it is known that the London Cult travelled to Sicily to visit the same place inhabited for some time by Aleister Crowley near Palermo.

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Furthermore, the article does not mention the lesser-known key members of the cult who directed its social operations. Instead, it only provides a few details about the founder, Mary-Anne MacLean, who went on to establish Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, while others changed their names and disappeared into secrecy.

At last, a curiosity where we stumbled while searching.
Robert and Mary Anne used to consider themselves as Omega.
So, who is really this person…the real Mary-Anne?

s 2023.03.25

And what Omega does as organization


reminds us of…


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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