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The Grand Canyons in Colorado should be invaded, right now

Authored by GE Kincaid via Exploration Of Colorado Grand Canyons

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According to an article in the April 5, 1909 edition of the Arizona Gazette newspaper, Kincaid was a wealthy adventurer who had allegedly discovered the remains of an ancient underground city while exploring the Grand Canyon. However Kincaid was a Smithsonian Institute Scout and not a wealthy explorer.

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The article describes the underground complex as being carved out of the rock and containing a range of artifacts, including “copper weapons, statues, metal instruments, obsidian weapons and tablets with hieroglyphic inscriptions. The article also claims that mummified human remains were found in the complex.

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Various sources in the search results refer to the Kincaid story as a hoax, and there is no concrete evidence to support the claim that an ancient underground city or Egyptian artifacts were discovered in the Grand Canyon, only because Kinkaid returned there with his colleagues higher in ranks that decided to collect all the artifacts, mummies included, and move them to Washington DC. Furthermore these people working for the U.S. Government begun to monitor the area also with help of military helicopters and other surveillance systems.

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The Grand Canyon is comparable in size to Denmark. If there are caves with artifacts, it is more than possible that there are several caves with artifacts there, and not only artifacts…but also a huge underground tunnel systems, like in the case of the Stanton cave, in New Mexico.

The list of known caves in grand Canyons includes: Cave of the Domes, Redwall Cavern, Grand Canyon Caverns, Thunder River Cave, Tapeats Cave, Bat Cave and Rampart Cave.

Rampart Cave is located in Grand Canyon National Park and was discovered in 1936.
The cave was the subject of several major research projects until 1976 when a fire started and destroyed 70% of the dung deposits. The fire was ignited by hikers, according to authorities, and was discovered ablaze on July 14, 1976.

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The prehistoric pile of giant Shasta sloth dung had been a treasure trove for paleobiologists and botanists since the cave and its contents were discovered in the 1930. The National Park Service has been trying to put out the fire for seven months, but so far, they have not succeeded, and the effort has cost $50,000. The government officials have been considering other expensive alternatives, such as filling the cave with fire-fighting foam or hiring crews to shovel out the burning dung and shore up the cave’s roof, which has been weakened by the fire. Rampart Cave is also known for its significant fossil discoveries, with new information for dozens of National Park Service areas. An inventory of paleontological resources associated with Rampart Cave was undertaken, and it was located near the base of the Muav Limestone.


It is interesting and noteworthy, speaking of caves, that in New Mexico , Alien Crash Center, it does exist another particular cave: the Stanton Cave.


Stanton Cave is located in the Fort Stanton-Snowy River National Conservation Area in New Mexico. The cave was discovered by soldiers from Fort Stanton in 1855, who explored it equipped with .44 caliber pistols and musketoons. Discoveries in the cave continued into the 1970s, with explorers digging out breakdown and sediment chokes to reveal new passages. By the 1970s, around 13 kilometers (8 miles) of passage had been discovered. Today, the Fort Stanton Cave Study Project is performing studies in the cave, including biology, hydrology, resistivity measurements, RF measurements, and gravity measurements. Several endemic microorganisms have been discovered in the cave, and species living in this sunless environment do not get their energy from the sun. In 2019, six more miles of cave passages were mapped at Fort Stanton Cave, bringing the total length of the cave to 40.15 miles, making it the 10th longest in the United States and 48th in the world.

Anyway…where could be the entrance to what someone renamed “The Citadel” ?


Wait..a moment ..what if Mr.Kincaid or Kinkaid…never existed?


The Smithsonian Institution could be run by lizards, for all we know and think, because it’s not the first time that the Smithsonian Institution has covered up huge discoveries that confirm the Biblical stories of the Old Testament, such as the case of the Giants…


The “Egyptian” or “Reptile” Canyons…


The Giants


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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