2016, Antarctica: Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s Visit In Antarctica Brought Us To Reveal The Location Of His Secret Mission There

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I never thought to write a story thinking to clone John Carpenter’s The Thing….but never say never

Authored by McLeane Via Google Earth Observation

In November 2016, John Kerry visited Antarctica as part of a global tour. He became the first Secretary of State to visit all seven continents, and the highest-ranking American official to visit Antarctica. Kerry’s visit was primarily to talk to researchers and scientists about the impact of climate change on the frozen continent.


He visited McMurdo Station, a US research center in the Ross Sea, and was scheduled to visit the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, but the visit was scrapped due to bad weather.

What appears truly interesting to my eyes is that during his visit to McMurdo Station in Antarctica, John Kerry did the following:

-Walked on a frozen section of the Ross Sea near the McMurdo Station.

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-Received briefings on the vulnerability of the West Antarctic ice sheet to collapse in a warming climate (applauses and laughs)
-Planned to receive briefings from scientists working to understand the effects of climate change on Antarctica (applauses and laughs)
-Reportedly spoke to a large group of scientists in Antarctica, talking about the danger of climate change (applause and laughs)
then here we go:
Transferred immediately at the airstrip to a smaller military transport plane for a three-hour flight to the research station the U.S. government operates near the South Pole.

They never undisclosed the Research Station visited by John Kerry after taking 3 hours of flight, but we can now tell to the world the name and the location of this place.

From McMurdo to this place are indeed necessary 3 hours of flight, more or less. We know that the weather wasn’t good that day, so 350 miles per hour or so instead than 400 matches our request.


Palmer Station, U.S. science base with a biological laboratory, here a webcam in the station.

And we have found a Pyramid there…as part of the station itself yes…a trilateral pyramid at Palmer Station in Antarctica.

virus piramidi palmer stationvirus piramidi palmer stationvirus piramidi palmer stationvirus piramidi palmer station

virus piramidi palmer station
There is a remote possibility that the ice bases of Antarctica are being used as safe havens for laboratories dedicated to Bio-Weaponry.

Very weird stuff.


The 1981 Japanese film Fukkatsu no hi (Day of Resurrection / Virus) revolves around Palmer Station as a gathering place for humanity’s last survivors of a deadly virus. The film stars George Kennedy as Admiral Conway, the commanding officer of the station and features Glenn Ford as the President of the United States. Most of the film’s footage was filmed in the vicinity of Palmer Station, although none was actually filmed at the station. Although the current station seats fewer than 50 people, the station depicted in the film held several hundred.

Ambient artist Drone Assembler / Responder released a track called “Palmer Station” on the 2013 album “Bishop & Clerk”.

virus piramidi palmer station

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