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Don’t fear the Alter Ego or your Ego alienated…

Ordinary matter has a twin/doppelgänger/alter ego which is called « antimatter ».
The « Standard Model » of physics tells us that these two versions of matter should exist in the same exact amount.

Yet ordinary matter dominates our observable universe.

It’s still possible to generate antimatter in the laboratory, but only for very short times because when matter and its twin are put in contact they simply annihilate each other while emitting a strong burst of energy.

The fact that things put together explode and annihilate is quite fun, but it can also be seen as a proof that our current universe and its rules couldn’t have existed if everything were purely symmetrical.

If there were the same amount of matter and anti-matter at the beginning of times, all of these would have annihilated, thus no observable universe.

This is a recording of the algorithmic quasi-simulation running for 45 seconds, with a set of 1 million particles subjected to a digital scalar force field.

[MP4 1920×1080 45s@30fps ~= 1350 frames]
[Technics: JavaScript, ThreeJS, WebGL]


Antimatter has been a topic of fascination in science fiction for decades, and for good reason. With the ability to fundamentally alter our understanding of the universe, antimatter has been the subject of scientific research for over a century.

Recently, an artifact video was released,  shown above, sparking not many discussions about the parallel between antimatter and humans’ alter ego. That’s sad.

In a distant future, humanity has discovered the power of anti-matter, a substance that can provide unlimited energy and propel spaceships at incredible speeds. However, the use of anti-matter is strictly regulated due to its dangerous properties and the risk of catastrophic accidents.

One day, a brilliant scientist named Dr. John Robinson discovers a way to manipulate anti-matter to create a portal to another dimension. He believes that this discovery could revolutionize space travel and open up new frontiers for humanity. However, his experiments have unintended consequences.

Unknown to Dr. Robinson, his evil alter ego has been awakened by the manipulation of anti-matter. This alter ego, known as Azathoth, is a powerful being from another dimension that seeks to conquer and destroy all life in the universe. Azathoth takes control of Dr. Robinson’s mind and uses his knowledge to open a portal to its own dimension, unleashing a horde of monstrous creatures upon the Earth.

As the world falls into chaos and destruction, a small group of survivors band together to fight against Azathoth and its minions. They discover that the only way to defeat Azathoth is to enter its own dimension and destroy it from within. However, the journey is perilous, and the group must face unimaginable horrors and challenges along the way.

In the end, the survivors succeed in their mission, but at a great cost. Dr. Robinson sacrifices himself to destroy Azathoth, and the survivors return to a world forever changed by the horrors they have witnessed. The story ends with a warning about the dangers of tampering with forces beyond our understanding and the importance of respecting the laws of nature and the universe.

azazath stars

So, what exactly is antimatter? At its most basic level, it is the opposite of matter. Every particle has an antimatter counterpart with the same mass but opposite charge. When matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate each other, releasing a tremendous amount of energy. Despite its potential as an energy source, antimatter is incredibly difficult to produce and store due to its explosive nature.

The discovery of antimatter and its properties has helped scientists understand the structure of the universe. Through experiments at the Large Hadron Collider, physicists have observed how particles interact with their antimatter counterparts and used this information to learn more about the building blocks of matter.

However, antimatter also has implications beyond physics. The concept of an alter ego, a parallel version of ourselves, is a popular theme in literature and media. The newly released artifact video explores the idea that humans and their alter egos are like matter and antimatter, existing in opposite worlds but bound by the same fundamental laws.


This complex connection between antimatter and alter egos may have implications for the ways in which humans understand themselves and their place in the universe. As science continues to unravel the mysteries of the universe and explore the properties of antimatter, there is no telling what other connections between science and human consciousness may emerge.


Captain Leah Hendrix was on her final mission to Alpha Centauri when her ship received a distress signal from the nearby research station. Her team found the station deserted, with the exception of a single survivor, Dr. Marcus Kim. Marcus was babbling about a nightmare, a darkness that consumed everything, and a mysterious antimatter artifact. He told them that he had discovered the artifact while developing a new energy source. Little did they know that Marcus had already been consumed by his own evil alter ego, known only as the Dark One.

As they explored the station, they found that the Dark One had manipulated the antimatter core, causing it to destabilize. They quickly realized that the artifact was the key to saving the universe from destruction.

Together with Marcus, Leah and her team set out to save the universe from the Dark One’s evil grip. They discovered that the Dark One was able to manipulate the antimatter core by harnessing the darkness within his own soul. The artifact had allowed him to create an alternate reality where he could reign supreme.

Leah and Marcus had to journey into the Dark One’s alternate reality to retrieve the artifact. There, they discovered that he had created a world of darkness, one that was consumed by fear, pain, and regret. They quickly realized that the Dark One had used his mastery of alter egos and the power of antimatter to create a portal between parallel universes.

With the help of Marcus and the surviving members of her crew, Leah managed to retrieve the artifact and confront the Dark One. The final battle was brutal and intense, as the Dark One unleashed a barrage of antimatter and unleashed an army of dark matter beings.

In the end, it was Leah’s determination and commitment to saving the universe that enabled her to triumph over the Dark One. She used the power of the artifact to trap the Dark One in his own world of darkness, and stabilize the antimatter core. In the end, Leah saved the universe from the horrors of the Dark One and his twisted alter ego.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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