Stir of Echoes : The Significance of Dreams and Psychic Visions in Spiritual Growth and Crime Investigation

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Dreams are messages from the deep…

Authored by Jennifer Schuett via Dream

Authored by Maria Marten via Dream

Authored by Humankind via Dreams

In 1990, eight-year-old Jennifer Schuett was abducted from her bedroom in Texas by a man named Dennis Earl Bradford. Jennifer was brutally assaulted and left for dead in a field. Miraculously, she survived the attack but was unable to identify her assailant.

Years later, Jennifer had a vivid dream that provided her with crucial information about her attacker. In her dream, she saw a man named Dennis with a distinctive birthmark on his face. This prompted her to work with a forensic artist to create a sketch of the man in her dream.

Jennifer’s mother, who had been tirelessly searching for her daughter’s abductor, recognized the sketch as someone she had known in the past. The sketch was circulated, leading to the identification and arrest of Dennis Earl Bradford. DNA evidence later confirmed his guilt, and he was convicted for the abduction and assault of Jennifer Schuett.


While this is just one example, it showcases the potential power of dreams in aiding investigations and bringing criminals to justice.

Dreams can sometimes provide valuable clues or insights that may help authorities identify perpetrators or uncover vital evidence.

There are documented cases where dreams or psychic visions have helped in solving crimes.


One such case is the Red Barn murder in 1827, where the mother of the victim, Maria Marten, had a dream that her daughter was buried in the Red Barn. This led to the discovery of Maria’s body and the eventual arrest and conviction of her murderer, William Corder.
Another case involves clairvoyant Etta Smith, who had a vision of the location of the body of a missing woman, Melanie Uribe, in 1981. Smith found the body and was initially arrested and charged with murder, but was later released after the real killer confessed.
In another instance, psychic Debbie Malone helped solve the stabbing murder of Maria Scott by leading police to a remote cabin where she had “seen” Maria’s body.

These cases are not rare in which the deceased has no peace due to some injustice he left behind, they demonstrate instances where dreams or psychic visions have played a role in solving crimes.

And nothing prevents us from thinking that dreams and psychic visions, in addition to leading to the capture of a perpetrator, can also lead to the release of an innocent person in prison.


We must listen to what emerges from our depths or resign ourselves to living by containing what we can well define as an abyss, an endless labyrinth, an endless vortex, whose origin derives from our errors of presumption, pride, and sense of superiority of our life compared to that of others, as if not only our persons but also our pain were superior to what these errors cause in others.

And if we are not at peace with ourselves, then neither will our deceased loved ones be in their outsideness.

We must listen to what our true inner voice says, able to speak to us at night,


when the defenses of pride, resentment, and anger subside.

On neutral ground, an immense plain of foam, we will have those answers that we seek and that seem untrue and obscure in the daytime only because social conventions make us withdraw from our eternal and spiritual ancestral nature, and it is dreams that transcendently reconnect us to these boundless abysses of invisible truth and faith through the darkness…


[]=Cristian De Vries contributed to this article

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