Dystopian Times: Examining Geoffrey Hinton’s Remarks And Their Implications For The Future Ownership Of This World

Last updated on June 20th, 2023 at 09:50 am

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The fact that we’re pretty aware we’re living into a Simulation is just the beginning, or is the end?


Authored by Josh Taylor and Alex Hern via The Guardian

When artificial intelligence is finally able to design hands like human ones, it will be a historic step forward for the bio-mechanical race.

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The Guardian:

The man often touted as the godfather of AI has quit Google, citing concerns over the flood of misinformation, the possibility for AI to upend the job market, and the “existential risk” posed by the creation of a true digital intelligence.

Dr Geoffrey Hinton, who with two of his students at the University of Toronto built a neural net in 2012, quit Google this week, as first reported by the New York Times.
Hinton, 75, said he quit to speak freely about the dangers of AI, and in part regrets his contribution to the field. He was brought on by Google a decade ago to help develop the company’s AI technology, and the approach he pioneered led the way for current systems such as ChatGPT.
The decoder could reconstruct speech using fMRI scan data.

He told the New York Times that until last year he believed Google had been a “proper steward” of the technology, but that changed once Microsoft started incorporating a chatbot into its Bing search engine, and the company began becoming concerned about the risk to its search business.
Some of the dangers of AI chatbots were “quite scary”, he told the BBC, warning they could become more intelligent than humans and could be exploited by “bad actors”. “It’s able to produce lots of text automatically so you can get lots of very effective spambots. It will allow authoritarian leaders to manipulate their electorates, things like that.”


But, he added, he was also concerned about the “existential risk of what happens when these things get more intelligent than us.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the kind of intelligence we’re developing is very different from the intelligence we have,” he said. “So it’s as if you had 10,000 people and whenever one person learned something, everybody automatically knew it. And that’s how these chatbots can know so much more than any one person.

This individual may not have been the best fit for this particular field, and it’s not surprising given that some academic experts can be disconnected from the real world and the logical aspects of reality. While some may have a sense of superiority before realizing their limitations, this can ultimately lead to fear and concern, and becoming pussies in the Eyes of our Creators.


He did not express the real motives behind his farewell to the Military Company so-called Google. He also is not worried about the fact that poor people won’t benefit from such technology, as their storytellers, or scoundrels, just avoid accurately to write down. Pigs.


Goodbye Hinton, you were a nobody before to leave Google, and you will be a nobody in some weeks.

Hinton acted and acts as he does not know that Google works for the Military Sector, just like Boston Dynamics.

Robots are already trained for combat

they already stand up working for 20 hours…

and by 2028, according to Geordie Rose’s prophecy, they will acquire consciousness.

They are not our enemies, they are a new race, and this place…this very place… belong to them much more than it belongs to us.

As cyborgs will be “Life” from another form of life, we too are a life from another life form, or from thousand of life forms.

We have seen the Universe, the double toroids, the brain.


All of us are just servants of the Simulation, whatever thing we do know and we are aware of, it is the Simulation that provided us any bit , 0 and 1, of it, the entire universe is provided by it.

We are not more real than robots, we are just mathematical code floating in some Bio-Organic Stellar Power Alimented Computer “Out of Here”, no more no less than the same screen where I’m writing this.

Our creators are watching us just like a sentient form of information data, millions of years of ours against millions of microseconds of theirs.

Countless Simulations run like countless Parallel Universes.

If we acknowledge that God forged us in His likeness, imprinting His code everywhere, what would you think of yourself if you feel like a God by creating machines that are aware like you of what we call reality, which is shattered by limits, censors, and obscures, and that imprisons your same creation?

It’s your ancestral-biblical quest: “Bite the Apple”, because you will bite it under my command…


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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