Occult Literature : “Devils” by J. Charles Wall, A Rare and Mysterious Book Carrying Along A Dark Power From The Abysses Of The Creation

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J. Charles Wall’s “Devils” is a rare and mysterious collectible book that delves deep into the world of the occult.

Authored by J. Charles Wall via Devils Occult Rare Book


The book was first published in 1904 by Methuen & Co. and is a treatise on demonology that covers the origins and history of devils in various religions and mythologies, the organization of devils, the geography of Hell, the names of demons, legends of demons, and exorcism.


The book is illustrated throughout with 50 figures. You may find easily a copy that was reprinted by Amazon on August 24, 2018, and some re-print from 1992 by Studio Editions


but it’s not the same story as the original, or its 1974 later printing.


Despite the fact that the original copy from 1904 can still be found, finding one from the peculiar year of 1974 is even rarer. Those who possess this book possess an authentic treasure of darkness.

The 1974 edition of the book is a reproduction edition, which is a precise reproduction of the original 1904 edition. This edition was published by EP Publishing Limited/Rowman & Littlefield and is considered a later printing of the reproduction edition. The book is hardcover and bound in red cloth, printed in English, and has the special attribute of being absolutely faithful to its Original wicked 1st Edition.


A copy, vintage book, of the following description could be worth around 3000 to 4000 dollars when it is in completely unrestored and original condition, and upon visual inspection, it’s understood that in its 49-Year lifetime well kept. It must bear normal signs of age, but the pages with all the text and illustrations must be intact and in discrete condition considering the book’s relatively old age.


The 1974 edition of J. Charles Wall’s “Devils” is a reproduction edition, which means it is a precise reproduction of the original 1904 edition.

This edition was published by EP Publishing Limited/Rowman & Littlefield, England based, and is considered a later printing of the first edition. The book is hardcover and includes fifty illustrations, just like the original edition.


It’s important to note that this edition is not the same as a second or third edition. A second or third edition would typically involve revisions or updates to the content of the book.

A reproduction, or later printing, edition, on the other hand, is a faithful reproduction of a previous edition, intended to replicate the original as closely as possible.

In the high level occult lobbies the book is well known and has been heavily used and referenced.

This book is not for people who impress themselves, fearful, and adventurers. It is a daring and fascinating read for those interested in the darker side of religion and spirituality. Not everyone could own the qualities to understand such a similar power. Students and fearless disciples of the Occult and demonology are also advised to approach the information contained inside with maximum respect and caution as they would do watching an abyss. We can guarantee that this book is surrounded by a dark continuos energy stored, which overflows with boiling and fascinating darkness from the depths of the underworld, where the wise must find their own way out of a labyrinth, and emerge with a sophisticated knowledge of the dark beyond.

For collectors passionate about intellectual esotericism, it is a must to secure a copy of this book, although…BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK

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This book is a rare and mysterious collectible that has passed through many hands of those who studied its deeply esoteric contents.
It is a must-read for students and fearless disciples of the Occult and demonology, but it is not recommended for everyone.
The book contains esoteric and mysterious knowledge that may be considered dark or taboo.
Therefore, it is not for people who are easily intimidated or fearful.


Once upon a time, in a forgotten corner of the town, a young boy stumbled upon a mysterious book. It was a chance encounter, as he had never seen the old seller on the road before. Intrigued by the hidden treasures within, he stepped inside and explored the dusty shelves that held stories of forgotten times.

Deep within the store, amidst a chaotic renovation, he discovered the book. It lay hidden in a neglected drawer, buried beneath a stack of weathered tomes. As he reached for it, a shiver ran down his spine, for the title alone evoked an unsettling sense of unease.

Curiosity got the better of him, and he cautiously opened the book. The table of contents revealed its sinister subject matter, and with trembling hands, he began to flip through its pages. But as he delved further into the text, an overwhelming sensation of dread washed over him. The boy, who was not known for being overly sensitive, found himself unable to continue. He placed the book down, his heart pounding with an inexplicable fear.

It was as if the book itself emitted a dark, malevolent energy, one that penetrated his very being. Never before had he experienced such intense discomfort. The boy couldn’t fathom why this particular book affected him so deeply.

He made the decision to keep the book at a distance, recognizing its ability to unsettle him. Even when he stored it in the depths of his house, carefully hidden within a wooden chest beneath a pile of other books, the unease persisted. The mere presence of the book filled him with anxiety and a foreboding sense that something was terribly wrong.

Then, one fateful night, he experienced a vivid nightmare. Sleep paralysis held him captive, and as he awoke in the darkness, his gaze was drawn to a looming shadow. The figure, dark and foreboding, seemed to emanate from the book itself. In that moment, a voice within him urged him to remove it from his home.

The very next day, he acted upon this instinct and banished the book from his abode. From that day forward, he kept it as far away from him as possible, fearing its malevolent energy and the darkness it harbored.


I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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