Interest Divergence : Navigating Racial, Economic, and Ideological Alignments In The Face of Advanced Extraterrestrial Contact

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What are your interests?

Authored by Derrick Bell via Juris Works


Cooking, sports, travel, clubbing, a good job, a house, children? Well… your interests are garbage.

Your interests align with the interests of the current ideology that none of you manage. In fact, you do not manage the interests of the current ideology but the Elites through the Media.

You believe that by striving to live according to the interests of right and wrong, being rich and honest, and being rich and dishonest, you are following a relevant topic of interest.

The surprise, thanks to the officialization of UAP, and perhaps soon of the new race found between Peru and Mexico, is that your interests are totally irrelevant.

Have you ever wondered what the interests of those who maneuver the UAP are?


The study of the divergence of interests in races is a complex and sensitive topic that encompasses various factors such as access to information, social identity, and historical context but very few human groups can be addressed to interests of transcendence like our mysterious neighbours…


Research has shown that racial disparities in science knowledge are not due to a lack of interest by certain racial groups, but are influenced by access to information, underrepresentation in scientific fields, and the complex relationship between science and the African-American community. The impact of racial stigmas and science identity has also been studied, highlighting the challenges faced by underrepresented minority groups in science-related fields.


Here are some examples of the study of interest-divergence in races:

1. “Interest-divergence and the colour of cutbacks: race, recession and the undeclared war on Black children” discusses how racial interests are assumed to diverge, and how certain policies may serve the interests of one race over another.

2. Derrick Bell’s concept of ‘interest-convergence’ argues that moments of racial progress are won when White power-holders perceive self-interest in accommodating the interests of minority groups.

3. A critical race analysis of Asian Americans, meritocracy, and critical mass in the affirmative action debate explores the concept of interest convergence or divergence, and how it applies to different racial groups.

These examples illustrate the concept of interest-divergence in races and how it is studied in the context of social and racial dynamics among humans.


The studies could have an upgrade in influencing the interests of the dominant economic system by shedding light on the concept of interest-divergence and interest-convergence. These concepts, popularized by Derrick Bell, highlight how moments of racial progress are achieved when the self-interest of the dominant group aligns with the needs of the marginalized group.
By applying these concepts to the economic system, it may be possible to demonstrate how aligning the self-interest of the dominant economic players with the needs of marginalized communities can lead to overall societal and economic advancement. This could potentially lead to a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities, ultimately benefiting the entire society.


Ants have a unique communication system that closely resembles mental telepathy. They use a complex network of pheromones and chemical cues to communicate with each other, allowing them to coordinate intricate teamwork and collective behavior.

While this is not telepathy in the traditional sense, it showcases a form of mass communication similar to the concept of a “collective mind” or thinking as one.


The idea of humans reaching a level of almost telepathy through a worldwide network, such as the Internet, is an intriguing concept that aligns with the notion of thinking for the whole rather than the individual.


The Gods are a collective, unique Mind, and they became Gods because they did not yield to the temptations of the individual.

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The classic and romantic myth of the Hero is thus to be destroyed, the myth of the hero is poison, and death. Only the one is everything and is life.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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